Your child needs a suitable outfit when they begin their first dance steps. This is a practical guide to help you make the right choices and ensure you have all the must-have items!

How To Choose Your Ballet Outfit?

A particular ballet outfit is often recommended or even required by ballet teachers. It is generally different for lessons (training) and performances (galas, shows). The minimum items required are a leotard, tights and ballet slippers or demi-pointe shoes.


There are different types of leotards:

●     Leotards with wide straps: these are the most basic and are common for toddlers.

●     Leotards with narrow straps: often more sophisticated and elaborate, with straps that sometimes cross over at the back.

●     Short-sleeved leotards: they are warmer, elegant, plain and comfortable.

●     3/4-sleeved leotards: they are also warm and make your arms look slender while remaining elegant.

How To Choose Your Ballet Outfit?
How To Choose Your Ballet Outfit?


Tights are essential in ballet as leotards are never worn with bare legs. Opt for light-coloured tights in white or pink. They are worn under the leotard and help keep it from slipping.


For footwear, leather demi-pointes are recommended for beginners of all ages. These sturdy models come with full soles that support the foot, which is vital for beginners.

How To Choose Your Ballet Outfit?
How To Choose Your Ballet Outfit?


Dance Specialist 

A wrap-over cardigan is also useful for dancers.

It will keep their muscles warm before and after class!