How to choose jogging bottoms buyer's guide

Trying to decide between a pair of technical joggers or comfier tracksuit bottoms? In general, it all depends on the level of comfort you are after and the sport you need them for. Check out our tips and you'll be sure to make the right choice!


If you do sport regularly, jogging bottoms are one of the essential elements of your outfit. Trying to decide between a pair of technical joggers or comfier tracksuit bottoms? In general, it all depends on the level of comfort you are after and the sport you need them for.

Feeling lost? No need to panic. We will explain all, so you can choose the best jogging bottoms!

The criteria for choosing the right jogging bottoms 


This is probably the most important aspect to consider if you are looking for bottoms for sport. For classic jogging bottoms, you will generally have the choice between cotton (a natural materiel), viscose or polyester.

If you are a runner, synthetic technical joggers (viscose, polyester or elastane) are ideal for absorbing and effectively wicking away perspiration. 

For Pilates or light gym workouts, you would be better considering soft and warm cotton jogging bottoms. They are also perfect for a lazy Sunday!

Whatever your sport, your jogging bottoms must be comfortable and breathable.



We can distinguish between 4 major types of cut when it comes to jogging bottoms:

- Straight or regular cut: this is the most common style, a 'good all-rounder'. The bottoms stay straight along the length of the leg and are only tighter around the ankles.

- Slim cut: slim joggers for men are particularly in fashion. They are worn close to the body and show off the thighs and calves. It is a close fit, generally won by those doing weight training.

- Skinny cut: skinny joggers are especially popular during training sessions. They are narrower than slim bottoms and act as a 'second skin'.

- Baggy cut: this very loose fit, especially at the buttocks, is the cut of choice for urban dancers.

Tips: Don't forget! Even if some cuts are 'reserved' for a sport, the key thing is to feel comfortable in your movements! Try several jogging cuts to find the one that suits you best.


To ensure you are as comfortable as possible, it is important you choose the right size of jogging bottoms. You must feel at ease and not restricted by the waistband.

Decathlon has tried to create joggers suitable for all body shapes: up to 3 XL for women and up to 4 XL for men


Looking for jogging bottoms that are suitable for your sport? Decathlon has developed Domyos, a specific range of clothing and equipment for your fitness, weight training, dance and combat sports sessions.

Adidas, Puma… there are also a number of leading brand jogging bottoms, offering a guarantee of comfort and quality.



As regards the range of colours, jogging bottoms are normally found in~neutral, classic shades. There are the ever popular black joggers or the 'all-rounder' navy,~ as well as white for both men and women. They have the advantage~of being easier to combine with the rest of your clothes. With a coloured band~running along the leg, jogging bottoms may also be two-colour or patterned for a touch more originality.

Good to know: tracksuit and joggers: what is the difference? A tracksuit generally means~a complete outfit, comprising a matching jogging top and bottoms. Apart from this~aspect, there is no real difference between tracksuit bottoms for men or women and~joggers or jogging pants!


Which bottoms are best for each activity?


~During your fitness, stretching or Pilates session, you will certainly need maximum comfort. Regular or slim~cut, Pilates trousers are also made from cotton, which is ideal for keeping your~body warm! Since your movements are much gentler and slower, the breathability of the fabric~is of much less importance than its comfort.~Loose and fleece-lined bottoms may be a good choice and can also be used~in all your wellness activities (stretching, gym ball, light workouts, etc.)


Cardio-training, weight training and cross training are very intense sports which work your entire body. As well as being more durable, your jogging bottoms must therefore provide great freedom of movement thanks to stretchy materials. For greater comfort, choose breathable jogging bottoms, made from a fabric which rapidly wicks away perspiration. 

As regards the size, you will generally be able to choose between an extra-flat, built-in waistband and a drawstring.



When it comes to running, the right equipment is essential. Your jogging bottoms must be thin, light-weight and breathable. Choose more figure-hugging bottoms, with ventilated panels and flat seams to prevent chafing. Avoid cotton which will make you sweat profusely!  

Running in winter, in temperatures of between -5°C and 0°C? Choose technical joggers which will insulate you from the cold and make your run more enjoyable.


Do you do hip-hop, modern jazz or contemporary dance? The activities require a lot of energy and you must be able to move easily. You therefore need an outfit that is both practical and stylish. We recommend you choose fluid jogging bottoms made from viscose or a cotton/polyester blend, since the advantage of these materials is that they will follow your movements during every step of the dance. 

An elasticated band will generally allow you to adjust the bottom of these joggers. You will thus be able to adjust the height as you please.