Whatever sport's level you are at, it's essential to have the right outfit when you are doing a sports activity. The T-shirt is one of those pieces of clothing to choose with care, whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Men's slim fit T-shirt

Here is what you should take into consideration to best choose your sports T-shirt. It can meet different criteria from comfortable, anti-perspirant, thermal, UV resistant to even fluorescent. Take your pick! 


Men's cotton fibre T-shirt

The T-Shirt's fabric

It's probably the most important criteria when buying a T-shirt, and especially a sports t-shirt. You have the choice between several fabrics that are more or less natural:

- The synthetic (polyester, polyamide or acrylic): this material is especially used in the production of T-shirts because it repels body moisture (the fibres are hydrophobic) and improves the time it takes to dry. However, it has a tendency to let the odour from sweating develop.

- Cotton: Most standard t-shirts are today made in cotton. This natural material allows clothes to breathe, are easy care and absorb moisture. If you can, make organic cotton your first choice, because it is more environmentally friendly. For the record, there are also recycled cotton T-shirts made from old clothes or leftover fabric scraps!

- Wool: it provides natural insulation (perfect for treks in the mountains!) and it quickly draws away perspiration, avoiding the build-up of unpleasant odours. The material is fragile to wash.

The T-Shirt's cut

Whether you attach importance to how stylish your outfit is or are looking for optimum comfort, you will be able to choose from 3 different T-shirt cuts for both men and women: 

- Slim fit: The t-shirt is close-fitting, and tends to hug your curves.

- Regular fit: the T-shirt is neither too close-fitting or too "loose". It's a classic cut.

- Oversize fit: it is looser and longer than a standard cut.

T-shirt neckline type

To feel perfectly at ease, opt for a T-shirt with a basic round neck.

There is also the V-neck, perfectly suited to those with a larger neck.

The zip neckline is generally used on long-sleeve t-shirts for those of us who feel the cold more!

Advice: generally avoid the crew neck, which could be a hindrance during your sports sessions.

Pilates t-shirt

The T-Shirt's colour

Colour doesn't play much of a part in your comfort other than if you are doing an activity outdoors. Out hiking this summer? Are you in the habit of doing your fitness sessions outdoors? A white coloured T-shirt is preferable to a black T-shirt. As for flashy colours, they are fully recommended to make you well visible for outdoor activities.

Pilates t-shirt

Short sleeves or long sleeves?

Choosing one or the other, essentially depends on: 

- The place where you do your sports: Is it indoors or outdoors? Is there air conditioning? What is the weather like outside? What temperatures?

- What it feels like for you: people feel the temperature differently. It's up to you to try out the long or short sleeve versions. You could even be surprised yourself!

You don't feel comfortable enough with the short-sleeve T-shirt? For the record, there are also sports tank tops pour women or men.

The different types of T-shirt brands

Decathlon has selected these T-shirt models based on your sports activity: opt for Domyos for fitness T-shirts, weight training and yoga, Kalenji for running T-shirts and Quechua if you are a hiking or winter sports enthusiast.

You will also find plenty of T-shirts from major brands such as Adidas and Puma!

A T-shirt with technical features:when should you get one?

The T-shirt with technical features, partly made with synthetic fibres, offers lots of benefits: the garment is very stretchy, no chafing thanks to virtually non-existent seams, breathability… In essence, maximum comfort to face variable weather conditions! It is perfect for outdoor activities, such as trekking, skiing, nautical activities. 

trekking T-shirt


Here are a few tips, so you don't get it wrong when purchasing your women's or men's sports t-shirt:

- The t-shirt must reach down to your waist.

- The shoulder seam stops at the bottom of the shoulder line.

- The short sleeves finish half-way down biceps.

However, these "rules" are not be set in stone! Certain activities (running, fitness, surfing) require a close-fitting T-shirt, which could give you the impression that it's not the right size. To ensure you feel perfectly at ease whatever your build, Decathlon subsequently provides you with T-shirts ranging all the way to 3XL for women and 4XL for men.

Advice: Don't confuse a T-shirt that is too small with the feel of "second skin"! The most important thing is that you feel at ease wearing your t-shirt.


men's running

Running/jogging T-shirt

It goes along with you on your long or short distance outings, in town or out in the country, and must perfectly adapt to your body shape and the weather conditions. A good running t-shirt quickly wicks perspiration away (allow you to run feeling dry) and reduces chafing (flat seams).

Fitness T-shirt

During your fitness or cross-training sessions, you are going to move, jump and especially sweat a lot! You must forget you are wearing a fitness T-shirt. Three criteria must be taken into account:

- opaque to ensure we can't see your sports bra;

- stretchy to move with freedom;

- and breathable to avoid the unpleasant damp feeling.

women's fitness
Yoga T-shirts

Yoga and stretching T-shirts

Designed to give you optimum freedom of movement, the stretching T-shirt is perfect for all sports for getting back into shape (Gentle gym, Pilates, Yoga). Depending on your session, you can choose between the short-sleeve or the long-sleeve T-shirt if you want to keep warm. 

Most of our models are seamless, making them more comfortable. We also have a range of yoga T-shirts made from organically grown cotton.

Hiking T-shirts

You are going to trudge when out trekking or on classic hikes! The fabric will have to subsequently be stretchy, offering greater freedom of movement. Choose a T-shirt with mesh inserts under the arms to provide ventilation and reduce perspiration. In winter, opt for thermal hiking tops that will protect you from the cold.

hiking T-shirts

Skiing T-shirts

The temperatures can quickly change in the mountains, so it's vital to be well dressed. The long-sleeve skiing T-shirt must retain your body heat without making you sweat excessively. Ideally, the fabric is quite thin, like a second skin, so you can wear a fleece over it if required. 

surfing T-shirt

Surfing / bodyboarding T-shirts

The fabric used in surfing, stand up paddling or bodyboarding clothing must be "UPF50+" certified, offering a maximum level of sun protection, even when you are wet. For doing water sports intensively (2 to 3 h consecutively in the water), it is preferable to choose models with a hood, a close-fitting cut and seamless to prevent chafing.