Boxing training can take different forms: circuits or on a punching bag. Discover these and choose the most suitable for your training.


There are different types of cardio boxing training:

Circuit-type training

This type of training alternates different exercises to improve the toning of muscles, work the cardiovascular system, or both at once.

This may involve weight lifting, press-ups, pull-ups, punching pads, combat, etc.


Circuits require both:

- hand protection, particularly for the metacarpus to protect them when striking

- wrist support.

Circuits also require:

- grip on objects such as dumbbells, or allowing the hand to open fully for press-ups.


As a result, fingerless gloves such as the cardio boxing 100 or 500 fingerless gloves, are most suitable for this type of training as they:

- protect the metacarpus when striking, 

- support the wrist and minimise the risk of acute trauma, 

- make it easier to grip dumbbell type objects, 

- allow the hand to open fully for exercises such as press-ups.

Punching bag training

This type of training alternates muscle building (press-ups, abs) and punching bag.

Punches may cause acute trauma due to poorly executed punches (poor wrist locking) or chronic legions (due to repeated punches) to the wrist, elbow or shoulder.


As a result, punching bag training requires greater protection for the hands. I suggest training using boxing gloves or punching bag gloves such as the BG300 gloves.

These gloves provide better protection for the metacarpus than fingerless gloves. They also provide better wrist support and thus reduce the risk of injury in the event of incorrect wrist locking during punches.

However, these gloves are more restrictive as they prevent the hand from opening fully for exercises such as press-ups, a solution to this is to do press-ups on your fists.

This type of glove is not recommended for circuits as they prevent grip on objects.

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