Between an exercise and a spin bike, you may be leaning one way or another… Or maybe not. You may only have the vaguest idea of the machines behind these names and, as a consequence, never dreamed of riding one. However, between the two, there is sure to be one that meets your expectations and will help you reach your goals. Want to start exercising again after taking a break or recovering from an injury, start a sports activity without worrying that you will become demotivated, narrow your figure, strengthen your body to live better and move through life easier, tone, or even lose weight? Tell us your goals and we will tell you which bike to choose!

Exercise bike or spin bike?

Getting started or returning to sport with an exercise bike

Were you forced to stop exercising after an injury? You've never given much thought about exercising but have since decided that it's time for things to change? The exercise bike was made for you.

With just 30 minutes (minimum) to 1 hour cycling sessions three times a week, the exercise bike provides your body with considerable benefits. Pedalling at a low resistance and moderate speed on an exercise bike is an endurance workout that builds your heart muscles and improves your respiratory health.

You tone your legs by pedalling on an exercise bike. This exercise is low-impact on joints, making it perfect for beginner sports users and people who want to start working out again or lose weight, because endurance sports like cycling burn fat. As an extra bonus, riding an exercise bike gives you a profound sense of well-being after each session thanks to the secretion of endorphins, the happiness hormone! After exercising, you feel better, right?

Improve your physical strength with a spin bike

Cycling on a spin bike can help you unwind. This exhilarating sport frees up endorphins and makes you feel proud of yourself once you return home. 

By tracking the speed you bike at, you can burn between 200 and 700 calories for every hour you exercise!You burn calories by developing your endurance or increasing your speed (or both at once) to improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity. In other words, you will find yourself able to pedal longer and faster, all while having fun!

Furthermore, when spinning quickly, your muscles draw from their primary energy source, sugar, and when you transition to a moderate speed (for at least 30 minutes), your body burns fat. In other words, riding a spin bike is an excellent choice if you are borderline diabetic, have high cholesterol, or if you simply want to lose weight, get toned, or build muscle.

“Among spin cyclists in the gym, many are already athletes looking to practise a fun sport while others are cyclists that want a break from the weather conditions that are often incompatible with outdoor sports", admitted Frédéric. Want an extra bonus? Take advantage of the afterburn effect. This means that you continue to lose calories after your spin cycling session.

Exercise or spin bike?
Exercise or spin bike?

Get toned and lose weight with these two fitness cardio machines

Don't want to choose between an exercise bike and a spin bike? No worries. Whether you ride one bike or the other, or even both, multiple benefits are in store for you. First, those who bike target their glutes, calves, and thighs.

On both of these fitness cardio bikes, you develop your heart muscles as well as your respiratory health. Your abs and arms are also targeted, especially while using the spin bike which is a more intense activity, given the numerous position changes that it requires and its high resistance. 

Finally, the main advantage of the exercise and spin bike is the safety aspect, as it does not impact your joints. Furthermore, using a simple knob, you can also adjust the pedalling resistance to your current level and track your progress, which shouldn't be far behind! 

Is there any better way to get motivated than to hear from a biking coach with 7 years of experience in fitness cardio? Frédéric, the floor is yours! “From a physical point of view, exercising with one of these devices, I have seen people become muscular and lose an incredible amount of weight, sometimes 10kg in 3 months! Mentally, they recover a taste for the sport, feel better, able to do more things, and have more self-confidence”. And you, would you trust us if we told you that an exercise bike and/or spin bike can help you reach your goals?