They're impossible to miss these days! Connected objects are everywhere. And now, sports are also becoming connected through all sorts of objects that simplify our lives and often liven up our sports activities.


This simply means engaging in a sport, whatever it may be, using a connected object which is most often linked to a mobile application. These objects are finding their way into all types of sports equipment: watches or bracelets that can be worn on different parts of the body (wrist, ankle, arm, thigh, etc.), clothing, or fitness machines such as treadmills.

Connected objects provide assistance as you do your daily fitness routines. In particular, they allow you to measure all sorts of parameters:
- Health-related data: number of calories burned, heart rate, hydration levels, muscle fatigue levels, electrical activity generated while in motion, etc.

- Exercise or sports-related data: muscles worked out, duration of the exercise, distance travelled, number of sets performed for each exercise, number of steps or leg movements, number of cycles pedalled on a bike, speed and acceleration, etc.

These are all useful information that help sports enthusiasts analyse their performance.


Track your training
With connected objects, your performance is recorded on a daily basis. You can then chart your progress as you go along, and use all the data collected to compare your training sessions, or even to share them with other sports players.

A-la-carte training
Becoming a connected fitness user means having available a variety of complete training programmes specifically tailored to your goals (weight loss, toning, endurance, etc.) and your physical fitness level. Some applications will even let you create your own training programmes!

Personalised coaching
While some connected devices act as simple sensors that record and provide data on the exercises you do, other act as true coaches with verbal instructions, encouragement, reminders to keep up your training, etc. This type of coaching adds variety and fun to your fitness activities, and is an excellent way to stay motivated and rigorously stick to your training schedule in order to reach your goals!

Proactive Prevention
Connected objects generate data that is very useful to limit fatigue and avoid injuries (hydration level, heart rate, muscle fatigue, etc.) Some can even warn users when their body has reached its limits.

24/7 management
Lastly, activity sensors track not only your movements during the day but can also be used at night to analyse your sleep cycles, among other information. Using this data can help your body better recover between training sessions.

Connected sports puts applications in your hands that can track your progress, offer you complete and personalised training programmes, and help you reach your goals. It is with these benefits in mind that Domyos has created, for example, its e-Connected application, which is linked to your fitness equipment.