How to choose your first uniform

Choosing the right size

Beginner uniforms start in size 110 cm for children and 160 cm for adults, increasing by 10 cm increments up to size 200 cm. It is generally recommended to take one size up from your height. If you are 1.75 m tall, you should choose a in size 180 cm. If possible, you should try on the uniform in the store to see how it fits.

I'm about to buy my first uniform. Which model should I choose?

The weight of your uniform will first depend on your level and how often you train. If you're just starting out, opt for a fairly lightweight and soft uniform for optimal freedom of movement. As your level improves and you practise more, you'll want to choose a more durable, heavier model.

Can I machine wash my uniform?

Yes, but take care when selecting the programme! If you don't want to end up with 3/4-length sleeves and a pair of Bermuda shorts, don't wash your uniform any hotter than 30°C - this is warm enough to remove any stains and perspiration odours. To keep your uniform soft, you can add a little fabric softener to the wash. Never wash your uniform with coloured clothing to prevent colour transfer. And one last thing - never wash your belt in the machine!


Can I put my uniform in the dryer after washing?

Avoid tumble drying your uniform as it could shrink. You should put it on a hanger and let it air dry.

Do I need to wash my uniform after every class?

Beginners who train twice a week can wash their uniform at the end of the week, letting it air out between classes.

I've washed my uniform several times but there are starting to be yellow stains on the collar and underarms. How can I get rid of them?

First of all, it is important to always let your uniform air out after every class. Leaving it wadded up in a ball in your bag will make stains appear faster and can cause odours to form more quickly. There are no miracle solutions to removing stains, just good old elbow grease. Before putting your uniform in the washing machine, rub high perspiration areas with mild soap to help get them out. To help keep your uniform looking bright white, you can also add some baking soda to the wash.

You're now all set to hit the mat. HAJIME!


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