cardio training EXERCISES

Cardio training involves exercises of varying levels of intensity that are designed to increase your heart rate. Check out our workouts. They'll get your heart pumping and your muscles warmed up.


Looking to get into cardio training or get back into it? Check out all the different programmes and workouts our professional coaches have come up with to get you breathing, help you unwind, lose weight, and improve your performance levels by upping your heart rate.

get into cardio training

Cardio fitness workouts get you breathing, build your stamina and get your heart pumping. And there are lots of other good reasons why you should start doing them too, from knocking off the kilos to toning up different parts of your body. Cardio fitness workouts are also a great way of letting off steam, switching off and having a little me time.

your start-up exercises

lose weight and tone up

It's no secret that nothing beats cardio when it comes to losing weight or toning up. The moderate intensity of activities such as cardio jumps and skipping helps you burn off fat and make your muscles stand out. But when you work out at a high intensity, you can achieve even better results. Take interval training, which helps you burn off calories hours after your workout.

your weight-loss exercises

burn off calories with a skipping rope

The skipping rope is a great fitness accessory. It's the perfect fitness exercise for burning off calories, losing weight, getting a flat tummy and keeping cellulite at bay.
- Fifteen minutes of skipping is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging.
- Skipping burns 725 calories an hour.

Skipping is a complete, all-round exercise that improves your balance and helps your posture. It engages the muscles in the lower part of your body and tones your arms, shoulders, back and abs.

And when you really get the hang of it, it's a great way of building up your stamina.

your skipping rope workouts


work out with your fitness equipment

It's there, sitting in the corner of the lounge, tucked under the bed, or hidden away in the garage: your fitness machine. You've got what you need to turn your front room into a mini gym. There's only one problem: when you're working out outdoors or in a gym, you've always got a friend or a coach there to help you.But here, it's just you and the machine. There's no need for you to worry, though. Whether you've got a brand new exercise bike on your hands or an old treadmill or your brother's rowing machine, we've put together a little list of training plans so you can tame the beast.

make progress with the decathlon coach app

Training programmes and a virtual coach: it's the Decathlon coach app. Your very own cardio training coach will help you reach your goals.


get yourself kitted out!

Want to get a sweat on, tone up and complement your sports training? Then check out our range of fitness equipment.