Is working out in the evening a good idea? This is an issue that often crops up and for good reason, many people train at the end of day. Short break at lunch time, frantic work pace... most people only have the option of training in the evenings. And yet, is this bad for your health?


The best time to work out is individual. We all have a different pace of life. Therefore, there is no point thinking that there is a special time when our body is more suited to perform a physical activity. But can you work out in the evenings? Domyos clarifies the issue.

What is the best time to work out?

Depending on your motivations, the best times to work out differ somewhat. The first thing to remember is that body temperature fluctuates over the course of the day. It's at its lowest between one to three hours before waking up in the morning and at its highest towards the end of the afternoon, around 5pm. It has been proven that the higher the body temperature, the better the physical performance. Accordingly, late afternoons could be considered the best time to train.

Better late than never

Are you wondering what is the best time to work out? The best time is still in the morning, since the body is in great shape and ready to perform. However, working out in the evening is not to be disregarded. It's often heard that it is bad for the body. But practically speaking this isn't a concern: better late than never! Physical activity in the evening helps you to wind down after a busy day. It also helps you to control appetite and stabilise weight, and being overweight is disruptive to sleep (breathing disorders, snoring...).

Evening workout: mind your sleep

It is often said that if you want good quality sleep, you should avoid working out at the end of the day. After 7pm, body temperature drops and alertness decreases. The body gently starts to get ready for bed. In this regard, working out during this time slot can disturb your biological rhythm. Exercise is a real stimulant: adrenaline and other stimulating hormones that are secreted during exertion disturb sleep. Thus, we usually recommend waiting at least two hours between workout and sunset.

Good habits

To avoid disrupting the body and maintaining sleep quality, follow these tips:
- begin your session as soon as possible
- go for endurance activities
- avoid competitions as much as possible.
- hydrate regularly
- pay attention to post exercise stretching and warm down properly
- finish your workout with a few minutes of relaxation
- have a warm bath

To determine the best time to work out, listening to your internal clock is the best advice. Experiment to find the rhythm that suits you best. And most importantly, your health comes first. Remember that regularity pays off: 30 minutes of physical activity, whatever it is, daily.