Stress at work, mad competition or long working hours... You are overwhelmed by stress again. You did everything you could to avoid it, but it keeps coming back... Discover effective methods to learn how to de-stress on a daily basis.


Eat zen: no more sandwiches

At lunch, you often run out to pick up a sandwich and come back to eat it at your desk so that you can finish up the report that's due at 2pm... This scenario is on repeat for weeks at a time and has become a serious habit. In addition to the nutritional problems such behaviour can cause, you only rarely take the time to have a real break with a real meal

Yet, a good diet is not just about filling your tummy, it's also about feeding your soul. Give yourself a break! Leave your desk and have a proper meal. Invite friends or get stuck in a book, perfect for unwinding. On the plate, choose whole foods, a plate of pasta for example. You should also go for a banana for serotonin which puts you in a good mood. Sprinkle your dishes with parsley or coriander for their linalool that gets rid of depressing thoughts.


Take time to laugh

People getting angry, impatiently awaited results, unforeseen disagreements... And what if you just decided to laugh it off? Laughing is a real internal workout that goes hand in hand with endorphin production that spreads freely through the brain. It helps you to enjoy yourself and see life on the bright side. This playful spirit is great for unwinding and cultivating well-being. In short, you should regularly get the giggles and give the pessimists a run for their money! Come and take part in laughing yoga classes. To do this, you need to do yoga exercises, stretching and relaxation so that you can gradually reconnect with your joie de vivre. You warm up with laughter by performing miming exercises. Laughter becomes more and more spontaneous, and finally becomes genuine. This is an exercise that will allow you totally let go and get rid of whatever is weighing you down!


Slow down

To get rid of stress and get plenty of energy, try foot reflexology. This technique has existing in China for thousands of years and is packed with benefits to sooth mind and body. The countless reflex circuits in the soles of our feet regulate body functions. By stimulating these energy points, you can relieve many ills that blight your existence. This massage method releases nervous tensions, gets rid of bad vibes and restores the balance in our bodies.


At home, after a day at work, perform your own reflexology session. The spot that needs to be stimulate on the sole of the foot corresponds to the solar plexus (the diaphragm), which is where tensions are concentrated. Use pressure to massage the top of the sole of the foot for a minute, just below the toe joints, and release from time to time.


Adopt Feng Shui

Mess everywhere, stuff all over... and what if the problem came from the inside? Discover Feng Shui. This is a Chinese Art which aims to optimise the interior habitat so that you can harmonise the energies that circulate there. The objective? Promote the movement of good quality chi. Feng Shui allows you to live better and put order in your life to achieve better personal fulfilment. Basically, you have to harmonise your little nest to increase your quality of life and get rid of stress. If your home looks like you, then you will feel good and easily progress in your life.


How? By reconfiguring your interior to facilitate the circulation of Chi. Start by getting rid of clutter: get rid of superfluous and unnecessary objects that clutter your home. the notion of space is essential. Avoid pointed angles as much as possible and sharp edges that break the energy. Also remove the negative and violent images from your decoration.


Say no to insomnia

Does anxiety come and reach out to you even in your bed, affecting your sleep? Try out this grandma remedy to soothe your nights. Put around 5 drops of essential lavender oil on your pillow or a bag of dried lavender flowers (that you have prepared yourself) next to it. Why? Japanese researchers have shown that smelling essential lavender oil every day for 5 minutes can have an effect on stress, including through the reduction of the cortisol, the stress hormone. With this trick you can sleep more peacefully. A simple habit to apply daily when it's time to go to bed to help you improve the quality of your sleep. Make sure you get a quiet night!

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