Setting off on holiday to indulge in the pleasure of idleness, relaxing in the sun and enjoying its peaceful rays… This is also possible with yoga and its many benefits! Wherever you are you can practise yoga, as many different places offer the chance to do group yoga courses. Doing yoga on holiday is the perfect opportunity to benefit from its advantages, and even to multiply its effects with intensive practice. It's excellent for a healthy mind and body!


It's very trendy to do yoga on holiday and there are more and more resorts offering yoga courses. Don't wait: get going and enjoy your summer of relaxation and meditation…


How can you do yoga on holiday?

By the sea or in the mountains, at home or abroad; wherever you are you can practise yoga, as many different holiday resorts offer the chance to do group yoga courses.

These courses may take place in suitable fitness rooms or, more often, outside to enjoy the view during the session and therefore benefit from the relaxing natural surroundings. Intensive yoga courses often last for several days, over one to two weeks, with two yoga sessions per day. This gives you time to better learn the activity, adopt its principles and fully enjoy the advantages it offers for the body and mind.

Such yoga courses can also include healthy and balanced group meals as well as comfortable accommodation in harmony with the spirit of yoga.


Why practise yoga on holiday?

Yoga is excellent for maintaining both a healthy body and mind. Doing this activity on holiday is therefore the ideal occasion to benefit from its advantages, multiplying them through the intensive practice offered by yoga courses. A stress-free holiday guaranteed!


Doing yoga during your summer holiday allows you to:

  • relax and enjoy the calm of nature
  • find a balanced lifestyle thanks not only to yoga, but also to the organic and natural meals offered at the resort
  • harmonise your body, breathing and mind
  • revitalise yourself and recharge your batteries before going back to work
  • discover and share a new lifestyle
  • learn to better understand the world of yoga and its different practices (ashtanga yoga, raja yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga…)
  • spend time together with family and friends…


Where should I do yoga?

Intensive yoga courses can be done in a range of places in France, such as Provence, Brittany, Landes or even in Savoie. There are always numerous holiday resorts offering these courses. You can get all of the necessary information from the local tourist offices or from their websites.

Finally, for those who wish to go further afield, you can find yoga courses all over the world, particularly in India, the birthplace of yoga.


What you need to know

The courses offered often require a good knowledge of yoga. In fact, it is often recommended that you practise yoga for a year or two before doing this sort of course.

In addition, these activities have a price and courses usually turn out to be quite expensive: around €500 to €1000 per person for a week-long course in France with accommodation and two meals per day.


Remember that even if you aren't going off on holiday, nothing is stopping you from doing yoga at home or at your local club in order to get away from it all and feel like you're far away…


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