Teddy Riner, Lucie Décosse, Anne-Caroline Graffe...combat sports also have their icons, those emblematic personalities who often make an impression on children starting at a very young age. And thankfully, these sports can also be practised by children as young as 5 years old! Discover the main principles of these sports that combine strength of body and mind.


Everyone onto the tatami!

Combat sports are recommended for children who have a lot of energy to burn. They not only help let off steam, but by learning the rules of conduct that codify these disciplines, they can also learn to channel their energy.

These sports can be practised by children starting at age 5 or 6. Both boys and girls can practise these sports, starting from the time they have a fighting spirit.


A quick overview of combat sports

Judo: the most physically demanding

Judo is a very physically demanding sport; children will expend a lot of energy in a single session. Furthermore, since the goal is to manipulate an opponent's weight, children will work out and build all of their muscles.

This sport also provides psychological training. It helps to limber up both the body and the spirit. In fact, "judo" means "the gentle way".


Karate: concentration

As with judo, karate works out all of the body's muscle groups. Furthermore, it teaches good balance, endurance and coordination in order to execute the movements.

Caution: a helmet and mouthguard must be worn to avoid any incidents while practising this sport.


Into your kimonos!

Each combat sport has its own required dress.

This is all part of the game, and children greatly enjoy being able to dress up and equip themselves before each training session.

The basic garb, for young and old alike, is the uniform. It can make a 5 year old feel like a pro!