Anything but futile, accessories in gentle practices, such as yoga or Pilates, are precious allies for your practice, no matter your level. They make exercises easier, allow you to improve your poses and even provide additional difficulty to your workouts so that you can improve.


Yoga blocks

Essential to your yoga practice, blocks are an accessory that helps you achieve poses by elongating your limbs. Using them helps to achieve certain poses without pain, or to go further when stretching.


They are very useful:

  • For standing poses
  • As a support under the head in forward-bending poses done on the back.
  • In seated positions, to keep the back straight and without impeding breathing. The block also serves as an as-needed seat for raising your body and gaining range when opening the hips, without forcing. In this yoga pose, which improves oxygenation, we commonly refer to the complete opening of the chakras.


The advantage of the block is that it can be used on all three sides, at different heights, based on your progress in each pose. It helps you to improve gently and at your own pace, while respecting your body.


Yoga blocks are suited to all, but are particularly recommended for:

  • individuals with back problems
  • expectant mothers
  • older individuals, to help with support and with performing certain movements more easily.


Note that both EVA and cork yoga blocks are available. EVA is more flexible and more comfortable, while cork is harder and offers better support on the ground. You can choose based on your needs and preferences.


Stretching strap

Commonly used for yoga or stretching, straps are a useful accessory for correctly performing poses without injury. They help you to hold a pose for longer, without forcing, and improve with more ease while keeping the spine properly aligned.


Like the block, stretching straps help to elongate your limbs when you lack flexibility or practice. For example, they allow you to reach your hands to your feet when it is impossible to do so naturally.


Finally, the other advantage of straps is that they allow you to better feel the stretch, for more effective work.


Yoga or Pilates mats

Mats are rectangular and vary in thickness, starting at 5mm. The mat will not help you to improve your practice, but it is notably the symbol of the yogi.


From a practical perspective, mats are used for comfort reasons. From a symbolic perspective, mats represent the yogi's personal space. Symbol of a meeting with your well-being, it is in some ways your companion and a witness to your practice.


Some tips for choosing your mat:

  • Check that the mat is cushioned and thick enough to protect your back and joints during poses.
  • Check that it has a good grip on the ground.
  • Check, if possible, that it is made of natural materials, particularly if you tend to sweat or if you practise in a heated room.


Pilates mats are generally a bit thicker than yoga mats. As for the latter, it often has a central line that acts as a marker for creating and aligning your poses.


Gym balls

Gym balls can meet several goals: increasing muscle strength or relaxing the muscles, particularly the back.


They are an accessory that provides instability during toning exercises, which adds a difficulty option to your workouts making you progress more efficiently. Its round shape creates imbalance in the body during use, which engages the deep muscles more intensely (essentially, the core). Using a gym ball also allows you to vary your workouts and make them more fun.


Finally, practising with a gym ball is a good way to relax your muscles, particularly by lying on the ball on your stomach, arms hanging towards the ground.


A tip for choosing the right size of gym ball: sit on the top of the ball, feet flat on the ground, heels under the bend of your knees. If your knees are at a right angle and your thighs are parallel to the ground, the gym ball is the right size.

Be sure to inflate it well for optimal use.


Foam rollers

Foam rollers are a true asset for Pilates classes. Like gym balls, they create instability to increase the level of difficulty when completing poses and basic movements.

Using it allows you to progress more quickly when working on your deep postural muscles: the back and abs. They also allow you to concentrate more on the pose and maintaining it, because it requires more control and body awareness.


The advantage of this fitness accessory: the ability to use it to massage your muscles! To do so, just lean on the foam roller and roll on it to relax and release the knots in your muscles.




As you can see, doing yoga, Pilates, or gentle gymnastics with accessories allows you to vary your workouts and make them both more fun and more effective. And to learn how to use all these accessories, check out the Domyos e-Coach to access all our free exercises!