One of the advantages of weight training is that it can be done as a complement to many other sports. It is, in fact, a discipline which fits easily into several different fields, thus enabling improved performance in whichever you prefer. The sports which work particularly well alongside weight training are combat and endurance sports. It can prove a considerable asset and a very useful complement.


Weight training and combat sports

For a long time we believed that weight training and combat sports were incompatible. Some imagined that working with weights led to a loss of speed and suppleness; two essential qualities for combat sports. Nevertheless, many sportspeople now note that doing weight training improves their strength and strengthens the muscles they need for their respective sports.


Associating weight training and combat sports can therefore enable you to:

  • become more powerful (strength and speed)
  • ensure better stability, which is indispensable for this type of sport
  • prevent injuries by strengthening muscles and joints
  • make muscles more supple during rest periods
  • increase muscle mass with considerable aesthetic benefits…


If you wish to combine combat sports and weight training, don't forget your goal, i.e. to make weight training compatible with improving your sporting qualities and never lose sight of your preferred sport. You can alternate strength and power training and also do circuit training regularly to work on your endurance (starting your workout with a ten-minute run for example).

Do not carry excessive loads and vary your training programme. At a rate of 2 or 3 workouts per week, you will eliminate physical and psychological saturation, develop different skills and diversify what you do.


Weight training and endurance sports

Weight training is also an excellent ally for those who do endurance sports. It gives you strength and build provided that you find the right balance between the two disciplines. You must avoid mixing them and do them separately. Similarly, those who do weight training would be well advised to do regular cardio sessions because weight training alone can harm endurance. Contrary to popular opinion, cardio training has no negative effects on muscle mass.




In general terms, weight training improves the performance of endurance sportsmen, whether cyclists or runners. It does not cause weight gain for runners but improves anaerobic capacity, stride efficiency and performance. For cyclists, weight training gives you leg strength, greater sprint performance and increased maximum effort time. It is also an excellent way to combat mental fatigue.