Want to build up your back and arm muscle with a simple and effective device? Try out the chin-up bar! To choose the right model for your objectives, follow the Domyos tips.


Before making your choice, check that you investing for the right reasons!

The chin-up bar is the strength training accessory that is easiest to use. Whether it is fixed or adjustable, the Domyos chin-up bar can be mounted in many places around the house.


The chin-up bar improves muscle definition thanks to suspension exercises. Reminder: place the bar above the head, put your hands on the bar and pull yourself up, starting from a position where your arms are extended.


These strength exercises will develop the biceps, the back muscles, the shoulders and the pectoral muscles. But the bar you choose will also exercise different muscles.


What features for what benefits?

In order to choose the right barbell for you, compare them in terms of the following three criteria:


  • Performance refers to the maximum load that the bar can bear. To avoid any accidents it is advisable to choose a bar that bears your weight and the weight of your efforts.


  • Safety refers to the type of wall on which your bar is mounted.

For example, fixed bars like the Domyos BT 500 bar should preferably be mounted to a concrete wall.


  • Storage. If you plan to store your chin-up bar, which will mean fitting and removing it on a regular basis, it is preferable to choose an adjustable bar such as the Domyos BT 200 bar.


Which chin-up bar for which use?

The back muscles with the Domyos BT 200 chin-up bar

This adjustable chin-up bar, or "door bar" is mounted between two walls by pressing on the latter. It is available in a small size, adjustable between 70 and 95 centimetres, or a big size, adjustable between 100 and 120 centimetres.


The latissimus dorsi, the trapezius muscles, the biceps and the triceps with the Domyos BT 500 fixed chin-up bar

This strengthening bar is mounted to a wall using four mounting points. It is designed for intensive chin-up use at home.

Please note: mount it to a strong wall made of concrete, for example.


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To exercise and strengthen your back muscles, there are three key exercises that must be done in an upright position: horizontal pull, upright row, shrugs.