What are the basic rules for using a weights bench at the gym or at home? Follow these basic tips so that you exercise correctly and use your weights bench safely.


Why use a weights bench?

The weights bench is essential for bodybuilding. It is a good addition to training at the gym. It is an effective piece of equipment for sculpting your body and developing your muscle volume and power. It involves lifting weights using a bar, with plate weights that you can place on the bar, or working with dumbbells. It lets you perform a variety of exercises that isolate different muscle groups, most commonly the bench press (pecs), sit-ups (abs), leg extensions (quads and hamstrings), lat or behind-the-neck pulldowns (back), and curls (biceps). It often takes up little space since most models are foldable and quite compact.


The right adjustment

Before getting started with your weights bench, remember to make sure that it is stable and that everything is screwed on tightly, and check the maximum load the bar holder can take. Adjust the height of the bar holders to make bench presses (building up your pecs), incline bench presses (building the upper pecs), and decline bench presses (building up your lower pecs) easier. The type of incline depends on which muscles you want to target. The more inclined the bench is, the more you work your shoulders.


Holding the right position

As your movement is not guided on a weights bench, you need to properly understand the basic techniques before you start training. If you have any doubts, contact a qualified professional or an experienced friend to help you improve your movements. Remember: when you are exercising, your back should be perfectly flat against the back rest. Your glutes should be flat against the seat and your abs tensed. For preacher curls your back should be straight and your abs engaged.



After each session, wipe the upholstery to prevent it from getting damaged by your sweat. Every six months, remember to check that the screws are tight.



Your weights bench will let you give your entire body a workout. We recommend following a bodybuilding programme that has been designed for your goals and physical ability. You should work your arms and legs on alternating days. Don't forget to give yourself recovery days too, as they are essential for muscle growth.


A bodybuilding session on a bench can last between 30 minutes and an hour and a half. In order to get your body used to doing a new type of exercise, increase the length of your training sessions gradually. Likewise, do not overestimate the weight you can lift to begin with. Make sure you follow your programme closely in order to achieve long-term results. Lastly, do not underestimate the value of stretching after exercise.




Now you have some great tips for using a weights bench. Before starting, you might want to consult a coach to set out your aims and draw up a training plan.

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    In 6 basic exercises, this practical guide will help you build muscle easily using a piece of must-have equipment: the weights bench.


    When choosing a weights bench, you should take various factors into consideration, including your level of experience, strength, how you will use it, the exercises you would like to do, and the frequency of your training sessions. Follow the guide.