If you want to motivate yourself to get some exercise and take on a challenge, what could be better than training with a friend? Our "training with a partner" programme will let you supplement your own routine while working towards a shared fitness goal. As you'll see, being coached is great for your health!




4 exercises to do with a partner

The fitness workout that you are about to discover has been designed so that each exercise involves two people. It takes around 20 minutes to work through, but you can of course extend each of the exercises or repeat the circuit several times. To get started, you will need a medicine ball (or any other weight between 1 kg and 5 kg that you can easily throw and catch). Apart from that, all you need is a bottle of water and a stopwatch... Off we go!


Fitness goals

  • Upper and lower body and core muscle strengthening

  • Cardio


Exercise 1: arm extension

  • Targeted muscles: triceps, shoulders (+ legs)


  • Performing the exercise: stand face to face, about 2 m away from one another, with your feet hip-width apart. The thrower holds the medicine ball to their chest and throws it to their partner, who catches it. The catcher then becomes the thrower and sends the ball back to their partner.


  • Breathing: exhale as you stand up from your squat and throw the medicine ball. Inhale as you catch the ball and go into your squat.


  • Safety tips: your heels should remain on the ground, your abs should be tensed, and your shoulders dropped.


  • Number of repetitions: between 5 and 20 throws and squats (the number of squats can be increased infinitely depending on your experience and fitness!)


Variation: to perform the movement, we recommend starting the exercise with a squat (bend your legs, with your heels remaining on the floor) then throw the medicine ball to your partner as you stand up.

Option 1: the receiver catches the medicine ball and goes straight into a squat.

Option 2: in their starting position, the thrower places the medicine ball behind their head.

Option 3: combine both of the previous options.


Exercise 2: chest rotation

  • Targeted muscles: obliques


  • Performing the exercise: standing back to back, but without your shoulders or back touching, rotate your chest from right to left to pass the ball between you. In order to intensify the workout for your abs and obliques, do not rotate your hips.


  • Breathing: breathe fluidly. From right to left, inhale then exhale.


  • Safety tips: keep your back straight, brace your core and keep your shoulders relaxed.


  • Number of repetitions: 1 to 5 minutes.


Exercise 3: Russian twists

  • Targeted muscles: abdominals, obliques and arms.


  • Performing the exercise: sit on the ground with your heels raised (easier option: keep your heels on the floor). Holding the medicine ball in your hands, tense your abs then rotate your chest from right to left. Throw the medicine ball to your partner while keeping your balance. They then catch the ball and perform the same rotations before throwing it back.


  • Breathing: inhale as you catch the ball, exhale during the rotations. Inhale as you prepare to throw then breathe out when you actually throw the ball.


  • Safety tips: keep your abs tensed, your shoulders down, and make sure you are twisting from your chest rather than your neck.


  • Number of repetitions: between 10 and 30 reps.


Exercise 4: pullover crunch

  • Targeted muscles: abdominals, back, triceps.


  • Performing the exercise: sitting down, catch the ball with your arms bent, then unroll your back onto the floor. extend your arms behind your head then throw the medicine ball to your partner as you sit back up.


  • Breathing: inhale as you catch the medicine ball and unroll your spine. Exhale as you throw the ball and curve your spine.


  • Safety tips: unroll your spine starting with the lower back, and keep it on the ground (despite your arms stretching away with the medicine ball). Remember to brace your abs. Roll your spine back up starting with your neck, and pull your ribs towards your hips as you throw. Keep your shoulders relaxed.


  • Number of repetitions: 5 to 20 reps.


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