Whether at home, the office, or on holiday, check out our tips on how to stay toned through the summer! We're going to help you maintain the precious asset that is your body by taking care of it: be beautiful and fit on the beach by following our 5 tips!


Carry it in your suitcase ...

... Everything you need for a "fit" holiday! This summer, tone your body while being coached. How? Using fitness accessories that are easy to carry: dumbbells, weights, fitness bands, resistance tube, expander, skipping rope, fitness mat ... the possibilities are nearly limitless when it comes to preparing a fitness kit for the summer. As for training, nothing could be easier: simply head over to our Domyos advices section and access dozens of free exercise videos.


Treat yourself to a toning wake-up

While on holiday, how about building a new habit when first hopping out of bed in the morning? Gently wake up your muscles with some stretches. Stretches provide a boost of energy, relieve stress, and limber the body as well as combat the natural muscular degeneration that comes with age.  Here's a clever exercise: Stand with feet parallel, spread apart at hip width. Roll your head gently forward while pulling in your chin. Round your back slowly, one vertebra at a time. Keep your legs straight, the weight of your body leaning slightly forward. Clear your head, and breathe deeply. Hold the position for 3 minutes. Then straighten yourself up by slowly unwinding each part of your body: pelvis, lower back, back, neck. 


Stay active regardless of circumstances

This summer, when hit with the desire to laze out in the sun ... resist! Don't let the hard work that you've put into your fitness all year round go to seed. Take advantage of each moment to sculpt your figure. For example, to firm up your arms at any time, just remember this simple tip: pick up a fitness dumbbell (or a small bottle of water), stand upright, legs spread apart and slightly bent, pelvis forward. Take the dumbbell in one hand and place it behind your neck while placing your other hand on your hips. As you inhale, extend your right arm without moving your elbow. Exhale as you return to your starting position. Repeat this same movement 15 times for each arm, once a day.


Get to the water!

When holidaying at the seaside, combine "useful" and "enjoyable" with an effective fitness exercise for staying toned: stride along the beach with the water half-way up your calves, walking in lunges. How? Extend your left leg far ahead of you and bend your knee as you place your foot on the ground. Push your body up to bring your two legs together. Repeat with your right leg. The benefits? The resistance provided by the water works out your quads more, while the sand will help you improve your balance as well as work out your deep muscles. Firm thighs are on the way!


Work on your posture

Wrapped in your beach towel, use every moment to work on your posture. Adopting as stately a posture as possible will help slim your figure. How? Keep your head up, shoulders lowered and pulled back. Fix your eyes on a point in the distance. And don't forget to tone your neck. Completely naturally, make several lateral movements with your neck, from left to right, followed by several slow circles. That's it!




These simple and effective fitness tips will help you maintain a firm body this summer. Enjoy an active holiday!


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