In strength training, it’s one of the keys to success for a work out: mental strength. It has to be ubiquitous to set your objective and optimise concentration. A healthy mind in a healthy body, that's the main thing. The only problem is that we are controlled by our thoughts. They help us towards victory and stop us on our way up. It’s up to us to control them and put them to work in securing our success. Discover 4 mental techniques to learn how to counteract tiredness and boost your physical strength. Build more muscle with new energy!


Are your strength training performance levelling off these days? Get some new energy with these 4 mental techniques.


Visualize for success

Visualization: this is a technique used by many athletes. It consists in mentally representing the upcoming workout and visualizing it in a positive way. This way, your prediction has much more of a chance of materializing. Yes, you will succeed!


Before each strength training session, give yourself a few minutes of calm. Isolate yourself and take time to visualize your routine. Exercise by exercise, imagine accomplishing your session in an effective and powerful way. Count your repetitions mentally, as if you were there. When you have visualized your whole session, go back to your training. You are focused, ready to achieve a better performance. Visualize success will increase your mental resistance: don't wait any longer!


Believe in yourself

Any athlete should feel able to perform an act in order to exploit its potential. Thanks to the self-confidence, he develops a positive image of himself and his own abilities. Some might say that self-confidence is due strictly to experiences of success. However, an athlete may immediately be confident without evidence of victory being necessary.


To create this positive image of yourself and  develop your mental strength  conducive to success, follow this exercise: on a white sheet, note five of your sporting qualities and five of your human qualities; then ask someone you know to do the same about you. For what reason? To take the time to reflect on who you are, in a positive way. It is also a good way to know how positively others think of you. And above all, keep in mind that "what you believe in manifests itself". So boost your beliefs in your strength training, and you will increase your chances of success!


Find your rhythm

Did you think music powers many sportsmen? Yes, it could even be essential to your routine and improve sports performance. Rock, hip-hop or any other rhythmic music acts positively on the athlete, either before or during a performance. It influences the 'perception of effort', in other words, it makes you forget fatigue, which delays the moment you decide to slow down the pace.


According to a study by the sports psychologist Costas Karageorgis, Brunel University, in the United Kingdom, BPM (beats per minute) high music can also increase the speed of athletes. It has even been shown that by synchronizing the BPM and the melody of a song to the intensity of effort that must be made, you can save on oxygen (a difference of 7% depending on the study), using it up, at the appropriate time. Then during your strength training or your cardio training sessions, supercharge your mind with music!


Keep the soul of a beginner

This is a quality that we must keep: sportsmanship! Often we criticise professional athletes saying they have lost their sense of hearing, usually found in beginners. And pretending to know everything can really put the brakes on progress. When start a sport, motivation is at its highest, you listen to what people have to say and you look for tips to advance more than ever. And it is important to keep the soul of a beginner. This desire to improve helps to learn new exercises, new methods. Those who already have a solid foundation in their own practice can grow faster. It is enough just to admit that sometimes you need a little help to evolve, to find the motivation you had at the beginning. 

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