You want to start Street Workout? Discover Kévin Soler's routine. Get body building in the great outdoors by following this training.


Street Workout: 45 minute session

This routine is for people who regularly do traditional bodybuilding. If you are new to the sport, feel free to get help to perform the exercises. Repeat this street workout routine workout 4 times in a circuit:

  • 5 assisted pull-ups (gravitron/elastic)

  • 10 push-ups

  • 6 dips

  • 10 crunches



  • Targeted muscles: the latissimus dorsi, teres major, teres minor and secondarily arm muscles (biceps brachii, brachialis anticus, brachioradialis), trapezius, rhomboids and rear deltoids.


  • Performing the exercise: hanging from the horizontal bar, hands spaced out further than shoulder-width. The arms are almost stretched (do not completely stretch them to protect your joints), legs are parallel. Pull your body upwards until your chin is above the bar, then lower yourself right down.


  • Breathing: inhale as you go up and exhale as you go back down.


  • Safety instructions: stay straight throughout the exercise, do not arch your back. The movement needs to be controlled, especially on the way down.


  • Reps: 5 reps



  • Targeted muscles: the pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, and triceps.


  • Performing the exercise: start in plank position. Keep the hands shoulder width apart, straighten arms, lock the hips. Bring your chest to the ground by tensing the abs. Return to original position by pushing on the arms.


  • Breathing: inhale on the way down and exhale when you come up.


  • Safety instructions: keep your abs tensed throughout the exercise so as not to arch the back (core); always keep the body in line. If it's too hard, try performing the exercise on your knees.


  • Reps: 10 reps


Dips on parallel bars, 1 hand on each bar

  • Targeted muscles: the pectorals, anterior deltoid, triceps, back (latissimus dorsi), trapezius and abdominals.


  • Performing the exercise: holding on to both parallel bars, knees bent and chest leaning forward. Start the movement from the top, arms are practically stretched out (avoid stretching them completely to protect your joints). Lower your body for a 90° amplitude (upper arms parallel to the ground) then return to the initial position at the top without locking your joints.


  • Breathing: inhale on the way down and exhale when you come back up to the starting position.


  • Safety instructions: Lower yourself slowly, smoothly, as low as your flexibility allows without forcing it. Your feet must not touch the ground. Do not make any stray movement with the body, keep your core muscles tensed and push down on the arms to come up.


  • Reps: 6 reps


For a more advanced level, go to the muscle up (combination of pull-ups and dips): position outstretched arms hanging from the horizontal bar: bring your hips up to the level of the bar, then push down on your arms to stretch out your body.



  • Targeted muscles: rectus abdominis muscle


  • Performing the exercise: lie down on the ground, legs bent (bring your feet as close to your glutes as possible) feet hip width apart. Your hands are at your temples, (do not put them behind your head). Roll your upper body forward, tucking in your chin at the same time. Contract the abdominals and keep your lower back in contact with the ground. Smoothly return to the starting position.


  • Breathing: inhale at the beginning of the exercise, exhale as you roll the upper body upwards.


  • Safety instructions: do not let your lower back lift up during the contraction.


  • Reps: 10 reps


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