Professional training, getting back in shape, cardio training ... it's pretty clear that a punch bag is multi-purpose!

While it's well-known as a boxer's training equipment of choice, it's also great for getting back in shape.




Professional punching

A punch bag is a professional boxer's favourite piece of training equipment. It builds:

·        strength

·        striking speed

·        accuracy

·       muscles

In addition to boxers, tennis players also use punch bags to strengthen the muscles in their arms and forearms. It is also used by professional fencers to increase their striking speed and improve their accuracy.




Getting back in shape

A punch bag is also an excellent tool for getting in shape. Why?

It can be used for cardio training. It improves your endurance and helps you work out and learn to control your breathing.


Furthermore, it is known to be an excellent means of letting off steam, and can help to release stress, anxiety and even anger.




How to use your punch bag

1.         At home, start off your fitness session with stretches and stretching exercises.

2.         Once done, put your gloves on and stand facing the punch bag.

3.         Alternate short punches with longer ones, while paying special attention to the power of your hits.


Contrary to what some might assume, punching (in a sport) will do you plenty of good, whether you're preparing for the ring, or getting in shape