Did you know that 15 minutes of skipping is equivalent to a 30 minute run? So, to regain your figure, slip on your trainers and grab a skipping rope. Quick! What are you waiting for?


Why should you use a skipping rope?

Have you decided to invest in a skipping rope? You're quite right to have done so! This simple, all-body exercise is fantastic for weight loss. Its benefits:


  • Improves stamina and strengthens the heart

  • Tones the entire body, in a balanced way, while retaining flexibility

  • Helps fight cellulite by breaking up tissues

  • Burns calories

  • Improves balance and support

  • Corrects posture

  • Develops neuromuscular coordination


Skip-yourself-slim in 15 minutes

Here is a circuit of 3 skipping exercises that you should repeat a total of 5 times. This means that you will complete 15 minutes of skipping per session. Repeat these exercises 3 times a week (ideally in the morning). For optimal results, round off the session with some muscle strengthening exercises (eg. weight training in the gym or a thigh-bums-tums class etc.) Slip on a pair of high-quality sports shoes (essential for shock-absorption and injury prevention), remember to keep well hydrated and then off you go for a serious skipping session!



  • If you have problems with your hips, knees, back or joints, please consult your doctor.

  • Ensure you have sufficient space to move to avoid risk of injury.

  • Advice for women: wear a specially designed sports bra

  • Adjust your rope correctly: place one foot in the middle of the rope and stretch the handles upwards, along the length of the body. If you're a novice, the handles should reach shoulder level.


The correct posture for skipping:

  • Keep your neck, head and spine straight

  • Keep your stomach drawn in (slightly contract your abs)

  • Keep your shoulders relaxed

  • Keep your elbows close to your body and your forearms at almost 90° to your arms

  • Hold your hands slightly in front of your pelvis, in line with your forearms

  • Always keep your knees soft (except in exceptional cases)

  • Always jump on your toes


Exercise 1: the relaxation step

As the name indicates, this is one of the least demanding skipping exercises. Once mastered, this will become one of the key exercises for novices. More experienced individuals can use this as a warm up or cool down between the other two exercises.


  • How to perform the exercise: jump over the rope and land on your left foot. When the rope passes over your head, again lean on your left foot, slightly throwing your right foot outwards. Then jump over the rope, land on your right foot and lightly jump while throwing your left leg outwards. Alternate feet, landing on your toes each time and performing a small skip. To sum up, jump and bounce on your left foot, then jump and bounce on your right foot.


  • Breathing: inhale during the downstroke and exhale when jumping.


  • Repetitions: 30 seconds of jumping, 30 seconds recovery.


  • If you wish to take things further: When you've mastered the relaxation step, you can add other variants. Based on a 30-second workout: start with 10 seconds of the relaxation step then continue with 10 seconds of knee lifts (alternate right knee and left knee), then finish with 10 seconds of heel-to-buttock kicks.


Exercise 2: the full twister

This exercise is technically quite easy but requires a significant physical effort (more intense than the relaxation step).


  • How to perform the exercise: jump over the rope, keeping your feet together and swivel your pelvis to the right, without moving the upper part of your body, landing on your toes with knees slightly bent. Repeat on the other side, swivelling your pelvis to the left and then continue in the same vein.


  • Breathing: inhale during the downstroke and exhale when jumping.


  • Repetitions: 30 seconds of jumping, 30 seconds recovery.


  • If you wish to take things further: once you've mastered the full twister, you can then try this variant. Based on 30 second workout: start with 15 seconds of full twister then continue with 15 seconds of running step (each time you jump, raise the knee of each leg to waist level).


Exercise 3: running step

Depending on the intensity of effort, this basic manoeuvre will undoubtedly require the greatest energy expenditure and cardio-vascular effort.


  • How to perform the exercise: this exercise is often performed at a brisk pace but, like any movement, you can adapt the speed to suit your level and goal. Each time you jump, lift your knee to waist level.


  • Breathing: inhale during the downstroke and exhale when jumping.


  • Repetitions: 30 seconds of jumping, 30 seconds recovery.




As I'm sure you've gathered, the skipping rope is THE fitness accessory to help get back into shape. In a minimum amount of time, you'll burn a maximum number of calories! Have you already tried it? 

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    Jumping rope is the perfect fitness exercise for burning calories, losing weight, having a flat tummy, avoiding cellulite issues, and improving endurance.