Short of breath after the smallest effort, fear of climbing stairs… have you considered working on endurance? The cardiovascular system and endurance are closely connected. To improve one, develop the other!


Developing endurance, a long process

It isn't by running 30 minutes one Sunday afternoon that you'll improve your endurance. The effort must be regular.

To improve it, we advise a 30-minute minimum workout, without break, and regularly.


After several months of training,

  • you are less out-of-breath: your heart gains resistance
  • your immune system is stronger
  • just like your muscles!


With what machine?

If you do not enjoy outdoor jogging, try cardio training equipment at home.

Stepper, exercise bike, cross trainer, or rowing machine: all of the cardio training machines allow you to develop your endurance. To choose the one that suits you, determine your secondary goal.


  • Your secondary goal is to eliminate fat and to essentially strengthen your lower body: go for the treadmill
  • To slim your figure while calling upon several muscle groups (arms, core, legs, glutes): pick the cross trainer
  • To quickly burn fat and primarily strengthen your calves: choose the exercise bike
  • To essentially strengthen glutes and legs: go for the stepper
  • For a complete workout for all of your muscles: pick the rowing machine


If you still aren't sure: you can test these machines at the gym at first to familiarise yourself with the one that will take you the furthest and for the longest time!

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Have you always wanted the endurance of a real athlete? Domyos suggests a progressive training programme on three different pieces of equipment that will perfect your endurance!