Summer is coming and just like every year you want to develop your muscles and give yourself the body of an Adonis, right? You will certainly have started by losing a few ugly kilos but you will have noticed that in terms of well developed muscles, there is still plenty of work to do. Having no excess fat is not enough to have an even and toned body.

You only have a few months, or even a few weeks left before showing your body off on the beach, so make the most of this time to train properly. It isn't always easy to know what to do without a coach to help…


Developing your muscles in a short time, is it possible?

In just a few months, it's possible to gain muscle mass and to transform your figure. To ensure a perfect body, several rules must be followed. Three inseparable factors will enable you to gain muscle mass and to mould the body of your dreams: training, food and recovery. Unless you respect each of these three principles, the fruits of your work will be meagre.

Follow this advice for well defined muscles.


1 - Concentrate on the whole body

To perfect your figure, you usually tend to focus on the most visible muscles, those which you wish to show off proudly to others. However, it is advisable to keep working on your whole body, so as to maintain muscle balance. Excessively localised weight training can result in injuries. By varying the exercises and working on all the muscles in the body, you will obtain better hormonal stimulation: your muscle structure is then likely to grow more quickly.


Obviously, you want a dramatic increase in certain muscles in order to appear more muscular on the beach but don't lose sight of the fact that without overall muscle development you will never obtain real muscle power.


Limit the durations of your workouts: in general, never spend more than an hour and a half on training, including the warm-up. It is better to have short but intense workouts where you get better results than long training sessions where your body gets tired. Make sure you use the right weight training equipment.

To ensure an optimal training programme, try some weight training coaching.


2 - Balance your diet

During this period, vary your nutrition while ensuring that your body, and therefore your muscles, have enough fuel. A balanced diet helps to increase the volume of your muscles and also improves their appearance. If you consume too much fat and your muscles are not well developed, you will find it difficult to get a well defined muscle structure. Body fat will not be to your advantage when you go bare-chested; you will appear burly but without any nice muscles.


3 - Give your body some rest

Do not neglect the recovery phases; they are essential for proper muscle growth. Outside your training sessions, give your body the time to rest, take the time to relax as often as you can.