The Lafay method is a benchmark bodybuilding method. The method is explained in what has now become an essential exercise guide: "Muscle-building method, 110 exercises without equipment," and is suitable for everyone from the amateur sportsman to the professional. What does it involve? Discover the key principles of the Lafay method.


What is the Lafay method?

The Lafay method was developed by French sportsman, Olivier Lafay, author of a number of books on body maintenance and strength training. The book which outlines this muscle-building method, and which contains no fewer than 110 exercises, emphasizes the following principle: building muscle without using additional weights, relying instead on your body weight or everyday objects: bench, table, chairs etc. It's an effective training method which can be adapted to suit each individual; the movements become progressively more difficult as you gain experience. In order to succeed, the prevailing watchwords are: rigour and method! As a result of its success, the method was then adapted, forming the basis of a nutritional programme and even a manual, designed for women, which also included 80 exercises, requiring no specific equipment.


Why should you choose the Lafay method?

Because the method helps you improve over time! Its only limitation? Your own motivation...The Lafay method can be adapted to suit every sporting objective: weight loss, muscle mass gain, maintaining physical fitness, improving physical performance etc. The method is built on a principle of interactivity: it provides a solution for each difficulty encountered, making it possible to constantly improve your performance. The sessions are explained clearly and precisely; you simply need to follow the instructions to the letter and keep to the time specified. Before embarking upon this method, you will need to determine your fitness level, so that you can adapt the exercises to suit your level and ability.


A muscle-building method which requires no additional weight: what are the benefits?

The advantage of bodyweight exercises is that they allow you to work on all aspects of physical performance: power, strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina etc. and what's more, you avoid overloading your body with excess weight. The exercises used in the Lafay method work the entire body; no muscle is overlooked. Whatever your body type, you're sure to benefit from this full body strengthening programme, which guides you from warm-up to post-exercise cool down. The reward: a high level of athleticism, if the numerous Lafay-disciples who have already adopted the method, are to be believed.




You now know the principles which inform the great Lafay muscle strengthening method. For the method to work properly, it's essential that you stick to the specified times during your sessions. You need to arm yourself with a healthy dose of willpower to work through the sets; then get ready to enjoy fast results!


And if you've already tried this method, what did you think of it?


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