Spring is coming - do you want to wake up your body and take things in hand? Recharge your batteries and do it full of energy by following this simple advice for getting back in shape!


1. Get started gradually

Start by changing your daily routine to include actions that make you move about and exert yourself easily. Take the stairs instead of the lift, go by bike for short journeys as soon as the weather allows, get off the bus a few stops early and enjoy the walk… There are many opportunities every day and they're just waiting for you to take them!


2. Keep yourself motivated with friends

If you decide to take up a physical activity, it's always easier to motivate yourself with a partner or with friends. Doing sport in a group helps you to encourage one another while taking advantage of exercise sessions as a meet-up. It becomes easier to stick to your training plan and forget you're even doing any exercise. Make your training sessions a shared moment of enjoyment. The ideal would be to work in a pair with someone whose physical fitness is close to yours.


3. Train with a coach

There's nothing better for getting back in shape than calling on the aid of a sports coach to set your goals and adopt a suitable programme. Seeking personalised help is a surprising experience for boosting your motivation and working with a precise and controlled aim in mind.


4. Even exercise at home

It's not easy to train at home; it requires plenty of willpower and we often become discouraged when facing our goals alone. However, it's more practical if we don't have much time to regularly go to our sports club. Small accessories such as dumbbells, elastic or small apparatus such as mini steppers are really useful for continuing to train inside. Turn up your music or watch your favourite TV show; anything goes to motivate you and help you keep pace!


5. Set realistic goals

Bear in mind that you can't expect to see immediate results and that good things come to those who wait! Be patient and don't set the bar too high; set your goals according to your physical fitness. You will get back into shape over time and experience an ever greater sense of well-being after getting back into sport.


6. Get going gently

If you try to go too quickly, you risk injuring yourself. Listen to your body and pay attention to your joints; it's useless pushing yourself too hard to reach your goals so take things gradually. Depending on the sport you have chosen, set a gentle training programme, alternated with recovery time, without rushing things. Don't forget to get your beauty sleep to help you get back in shape!


7. Choose the right moment

Work with your body! It is essential to listen to your body and work with your internal clock. You are not meant to do any activity immediately after eating or in the evening before bed as you risk causing yourself injury. Remember to hydrate well before, during and after exercise.


8. Stretch well

Preserving your muscles is essential! Stretching is strongly recommended before and after exercise, especially when you are picking up a sport. By focusing on this stage you are avoiding any risk of injury and saying goodbye to aches! There are many varying exercises, so you should choose those that complement your sport.


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