Do you have two left feet? Are you incapable of standing on one leg without falling over? There's just one solution: work on your balance!


Work on your balance to tone up

Do you have two left feet? Do you often fall? Are you incapable of standing on one leg without falling over? There's just one solution: work on your balance!


Having good balance is essential for certain sports such as tennis, skiing, dancing or even gymnastics. In particular it allows you to optimise your performances.


Why work on improving your balance?

We often don't realise, but being able to control our balance and agility is just as important for developing a muscular physique. This can be essential for doing intensive physical activities such as skiing. Generally, for athletes, having good balance allows them to work more efficiently, reducing the risk of injury while optimising their exercise.


In everyday life, controlling your balance can prevent falls and sprains and help you to be more stable. Doing exercises that work your balance can, in addition, strengthen the muscles, tone them up and improve your reactions. This also provides a sense of well-being that is linked to the feeling of control.


A few exercises for finding your balance

If you want to improve your stability, your flexibility and your balance, there's nothing like doing regular physical activity. Running is an excellent sport for this, but be careful not to focus on your feet - look well ahead of yourself.


If running isn't your cup of tea, you could always invest in specialised equipment that will help you to find your balance. Numerous sports shops sell balance boards in the shape of a half-ball, more commonly known as wobble boards. The round part should be placed on the ground and you stand on the board to work on your balance. Equipment of this type is also available in some gyms.


Finally, to improve your balance simply and effectively, we have some quick and easy exercises for you to try:


  • The flamingo: standing up, very straight, focus on the horizon. Lift up one of your knees in front of you, horizontal if you can. Hold the position for at least 10 seconds then close your eyes and try to hold it for at least 5 seconds. Do the same with the other leg.


  • The kick into space: standing stable on your left leg, kick the other leg forwards into space, then backwards without placing your foot on the ground between the two kicks. Do 4 or 5 in a row front and back, then change leg.


  • The obstacle: place a small cushion or bolster on the ground to create a sort of obstacle. Hop on the spot on one foot then push forwards to hop over the obstacle. Hop again and jump back over. Then change leg.


  • The opposite: standing up, very straight, lift up your left arm and right leg simultaneously, keeping them straight and extended. Hold for 5 seconds then do the opposite leg / arm.


Daily balance

You can do these simple actions on a daily basis to improve your balance:

  • put your socks on standing up, balanced on one foot
  • climb the stairs two by two, without holding the bannister
  • brush your teeth standing on one leg
  • move about with a glass of water full to the brim, without spilling it
  • stay standing up on the metro, without holding on
  • play hopscotch with your children!
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