The muscle groups of the back are some of the most complex to exercise. To develop your muscles in a balanced way, avoid injury or even reduce back pain: how should you exercise your muscles to achieve this?


The back is made up of large muscles and small muscles 

The task of strengthening the back muscles is very complex because there are many superficial and deep muscles. They are broken down into two categories: the large muscles such as the latissimus dorsi or the trapezius muscles and the small muscles such as the teres major (genuine) and the teres minor muscles.

Generally, if you exercise the large muscles enough, the small muscles will benefit from the same level of development.


To ensure that your physique is balanced and to keep yourself healthy, it is very important that you exercise all the back muscles as a whole.


Why strengthen your back muscles as whole unit?

When you strengthen the muscles of your back as a whole, we refer to it as an all-round development.


Why is this important?

If you strengthen only a few specific muscles, other "weak" muscles will end up under-developed. The muscle that ends up weaker than another will find it harder to make efforts and bear loads. This imbalance may lead to injuries.

That's why you must strengthen your back as a whole.


How to strengthen your back muscles?

To strengthen your back muscles, there are three key exercises that must be done in an upright position:

  • the horizontal pull: move the elbows backwards and forwards with a bar

  • the upright row: move your arms upwards and above your head, with a bar

  • the shrugs, for strengthening your trapezius muscles, by lifting your shoulders with a weight bench for example.


These three movements strengthens the trapezius muscles and the latissimus dorsi muscle, and, indirectly, the small muscles of the back.

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