How to slim your stomach this summer

We all have that same worry every summer: slimming our stomachs so we feel better in our swimming cozzies! Here are some tips for enjoying this summer in great shape with a flat, firm and fabulous stomach!


You've read all about how to slim down and each year it's the same old nagging question: "Do I dare wear a bikini with my love handles and bulging stomach?" Well fear not, simply follow our shaping and slimming tips...


To slim your stomach, you need to eat!

4 small meals is much better than 3 generous ones! It might seem obvious but the idea is only just gaining ground because professors, dieticians and nutritionists fail to agree on the subject! In reality, although a lot of it comes down to social and cultural habits, the important thing is to eat the right foods and chew them fully! (If it is filled with saliva, food won't ferment in your stomach).


Which foods will slim your stomach?

  • food that is rich in fibre: it fights constipation (and therefore prevents you from feeling bloated) but watch out for certain fibres as they can irritate you, particularly pulses (lentils, chickpeas, flageolet beans)
  • cooked fruit and veg: they lose vitamins when cooked but are easier to digest. Opt for green beans, chicory, carrots, cooked salad, and fruits such as pears, peaches and prunes.
  • drinks: go for soy milk and skimmed yoghurt and cheese, because the lactose in full cream milk can swell your stomach. It is also harder to digest. Drink still water that is rich in magnesium (careful because it can sometimes be a laxative) in small quantities yet regularly. Water can reduce the feeling of hunger if drunk just before a meal, but take care: you might feel more hungry after having eaten because water is processed very quickly. It is therefore better to eat raw vegetables, which are rich in water and slower to digest, as a starter.
  • the benefits of fish: don't hold back - eat it at least twice a week. Fatty fish is not actually all that fatty and will not make you put on weight any more than less fatty fish. All fish offer valuable benefits: phosphorus, omega 3, protein, iron.


Which physical activity will slim your stomach?

If you want to be slender and toned, you absolutely must keep your body fat below 16% (less than 10% for men). To achieve this, as you know, sport is essential. Doing a regular cardiovascular activity (at least 30-45 minutes, 2 or 3 times per week) will help you get rid of fat and stabilise your weight: you might want to try using an exercise bike, cross trainer or even a treadmill. To get a flat stomach, we also recommend complementing your cardio training with muscle strengthening activities, particularly abs exercises. To begin with, try using rocker-type equipment that will guide your movement and help you find the right position. Examples include the AB 110, AB 220 or AB 350 for more regular use.


To slim your stomach, work your transverse

If you want to slim your stomach you must work your transverse, the deepest muscle in your abdomen, because it is located underneath the rectus abdominis, the internal and external oblique, and your ribs. It helps support your stomach and intestines. In order to work the transverse, there is nothing as good as sucking in your stomach every day (this will use your transverse) and doing muscle-building exercises. Doing a plank is very effective if it is properly executed. Brace your core while in a press-up position or resting on your forearms, and hold the position for several seconds. Repeat three or four times. Our advice: do it in front of a mirror so that you can see your posture better.


To slim your stomach, you need to relax

Our stomachs are often referred to as our "second brains". Anxiety and stress can have a harmful effect on this extra brain! This is why you need to take things easy. Stomach massages help eliminate fat as a handy addition to healthy eating and physical activity. There are several types of massage that you can do:

  • kneading: just like with dough, knead your middle for around 15 minutes each day

  • rolling massages: this can be painful because the objective is to move fat away from the muscle!

  • drainage: this is recommended for getting rid of cellulite. It is done using circular movements.




As you can see, getting a great-looking stomach for summer is simple: just eat, detox and massage!


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Reducing the number of calories you eat each day is all very well. But doing so more seriously by stacking the odds in your favour is better.