In just a few weeks, armed with your party dress, you will be simply perfect! All you need to do is accept the idea and have confidence in yourself. To help you feel even better in your own skin, here are 5 tips for slimming down gently. Feeling more motivated than ever?


1: Eat clever

This month there are so many temptations to give in to, and the shop windows are bursting with delicious treats to herald the start of the holidays. It's pretty clear that we're going to have to do some dietary damage control in the run up to so many sumptuous dinners. At this time of year, our bodies need vitamins (C, A and E in particular), as well as minerals and trace elements for tackling the onslaught of winter. But where can you find them? In fruit and veg! And that's great because these are the least calorific foods. Before the holidays, eat tonnes of fruit and veg, and don't worry about exceeding the recommended daily intake (5 portions per day, or 400 to 600 g). When eaten raw they contain more vitamins and minerals. What's more, any fibres that haven't been cooked have a greater effect on your digestive system.


2: Drink water

Water is the most important thing your body needs. Muscles are about 80% water. Good hydration increases blood flow to your brain and supplies the nutrients your muscles need to function properly. It also boosts intellectual activity, optimises sports performance and encourages the recovery process. Not convinced? You'd be a fool to overlook it as good hydration accelerates weight loss. Researchers have proven that if a person increases their water intake by 1.5 litres per day, they will burn 17,400 more calories per year. So drink up; it's only going to do your figure good!


3: Pedal to slim down

If you want to slim down before Christmas, you need to exercise. The trick? Combine healthy eating with physical exercise. If you burn more calories during the day than you consume, you will inevitably get rid of fat. Get into cardio training. We're constantly extolling its weight loss virtues. One good option is an exercise bike. It's perfect for keeping fit, losing weight, working your heart and building up muscle (focusing on the lower body: thighs, calves, glutes).



4: Deceive your enemy

There's no secret to giving up your sweet tooth: you need determination and an iron will. But when the need to nibble becomes stronger than ever, use this simple trick to deceive your enemy. Go into the chemist's and take a look at all of the essential oils, then pick one with a gourmet scent that you like, such as vanilla. And what's the hunger-cutting tip? Splash a few drops onto a tissue. When you start to get cravings, wave the tissue under your nose to get rid of the desire to eat. Of course, it won't satisfy your appetite, but it will no doubt stop you from throwing yourself at those forbidden foods...


5: Invite coaches into your home

What's the best way of toning your figure and losing weight without leaving the comfort of your own home? Exercising in your lounge, of course! To do so, try out the exercise programmes offered by our Domyos coaches (you can find them in the 'advice' section). Try to train at least twice a week for 30/45 minutes each time (depending on your fitness). You will see that by using small and simple accessories you will be able to keep up your fitness no problem. To motivate yourself to exercise, set up your gym mat in front of your TV, listen to music, train with a partner, or vary your sessions so that you won't even notice you're exercising.



You now have several health and fitness tips to help you feel better in your skin before the holidays. Now it's up to you to get that dream body!


At every age, our lives change. The older we get, the more difficult it is to slim down. Find tips in our guide to help you say no to those extra pounds, at any age.