Use any opportunity to work on your shape! As soon as you wake up, in front of the mirror, at the office or even on the tube... learn to build muscle at any time of the day. No more routine: discover all of our tips for getting a dream body.


Work on your posture as soon as you wake up

You probably already know this: "stand straight"... You've heard it on repeat since you were little, to avoid hunching your shoulders... but are you still doing it? So learn to correct your posture for a dream body. This way, you'll tone up the muscles deep down that surround your spine. the right habit? Every morning as you get up, sit down on the ground on the lower buttocks. Stretch out your legs and put our outstretched arms in front of you. Tuck in your belly, then without moving your head or shoulders, push your buttocks downwards, pushing down on the ground; at the same time, pull the top of your head upwards. Imagine that you want to increase the space between each of your vertebrae. This way, you'll stretch out your spine in the morning and keep up your posture.


Tone your chest without slacking

The chest is an area of the body that we tend to forget and don't really know how to train. But as you get older, it loses in firmness! So for a lovely neckline and a dream body, you need to get to work. Did you know that the pectoral muscles are under the breasts and once toned, they help to lift the chest area? Here's our tip for taking care of them: use the Body Power, an effective fitness accessory that helps you beautify your chest area in a single exercise. Every day in front of the mirror, work out for at least 10 minutes, and you'll get some fast results. This way, you keep yourbreasts round and firm with very little effort!


Strengthen your abs at the office

Has your belly gone soft and you've tried everything to get your 6-pack? Remember that there are plenty of opportunities to get a dream body and work your abs. Our recommendation?Tone your belly at the office! There's no need to get out all your kit to start working out... Your chair is enough to do this muscle building exercise. Take a few minutes to work out during your lunch break. Sit comfortably in your chair at your desk, keep your back straight pressed up against the back of the chair. Put your arms on the arm rests, breathe deeply, and then exhale lifting both knees at the same time. Hold this position for 5 seconds and return to the initial position. Repeat 10 times.


Get slim legs on the stairs

You're back from a busy day at work and you're in the lobby of your building. So you hesitate between the lift and the stairs... faced with this kind of choice, come back to your senses: take the stairs without a fuss, it's healthy! Climbing stairs is great for getting slimmer calves, legs and glutes. It's also a great way of staying in shape and working on the breath. For an even better workout, climb on tiptoe. And if you don't have any stairs at home, try to opt for the stairs when you're out or on the tube... Even better, get yourself a mini stepper: this is space-saving fitness equipment that works out the lower body. The principle? Standing on small steps, you sculpt and tone your shape, and you don't need to leave your house.


Lose your hips

Do you remember the Hula Hoop, the large hoop you used to play with on the playground? Well now it's back on the programme! These days, people are loving the fact that it gives you tiny waist. Enjoy your hula hoop all over again, it's a great way to slim down your hips and tone your tummy. Nothing could be easier: place the hoop around your waist, look straight ahead, tighten your abs and release the shoulders; then move your hips from left to right, or back to front, staying flexible on your legs; feel free to change direction to work the muscles on the opposite side. Just exercise a bit every day for results: you'll give yourself a dream body and improve your waistline.




So now you're ready to work on your shape at any time and under any conditions with these clever habits... A dream body is within reach!


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