To make the most of the Christmas holidays, it's best to start out in shape and with a lithe body that's ready to feast. Here are some small adjustments and essentials to help you out. Get back into sport to get back in shape!


Walk your way to a healthy New Year!

There's no point suddenly taking up a new activity two weeks to one month before the holidays. Instead, you should change your habits gradually. Why not try fitness walking in order to fight fatigue? It is perfect for strengthening your cardiovascular system and, when done regularly, it also helps you lose weight. As soon as you can, make the most of every chance you get to walk more often and more dynamically. And if the cold stops you from going out, have a go at walking on a treadmill at the gym or at home.


Fitness at home: fit it in before the holidays

If you don't have time to get to the gym at the end of the year, why not do sport at home? Try out our Domyos coaches' exercise programmes (you can find them in the 'advice' section) and try to do them at least twice per week for 30/45 minutes (depending on your fitness). You will see that by using small and simple accessories you will be able to keep up your fitness no problem. To motivate yourself to exercise, set up your gym mat in front of your TV, listen to music, train with a partner, or vary your sessions so that you won't even notice you're exercising.


A balanced diet before Christmas

Modify your menu around 10 to 15 days beforehand. Eat wholegrain bread in the morning so you don't get peckish. Try to eat more vegetables. Whether raw or cooked, they provide vitamins and minerals, and improve digestion. Cut out the fatty meats (especially in the evening) and replace them with vegetable proteins such as pulses (lentils, white beans, chickpeas). Liven things up with some fish or eggs to make sure you get your amino acids. Drink plenty of water and, if you can, opt for lime, verbena or lemon balm teas. As for fruit, pineapples are great for digestion and citrus fruits are full of vitamin C. There's no point bothering your body with a trendy diet that just makes you hungry!


For a toned body this Christmas, use a cross trainer

If you have decided to lose a bit of weight and get back in shape this Christmas, look no further: the cross trainer is the king of cardio! It's good for your heart, it tones your entire body, and it effectively burns calories. It was inspired by step machines, rowing machines, running, and cross-country skiing. It lets you work both your upper and lower body. It's nice and simple so give it a go! Besides, did you know that moderate exercise for 22 minutes a day every day is enough to keep you healthy? To feel better in your own skin, it's worth putting in the effort, don't you think?


The right posture on a cross trainer: straight back, looking into the distance, feet at the front of the pedals and elbows at 90° on the handles.




A bit of sport for regaining your energy, a healthy and balanced diet, and you're ready to tackle the end-of-year feasting. Handy tip: don't give in to the temptation to take second helpings and alternate between water and alcohol* (in moderation)... if possible!


*Overdrinking is hazardous to your health; drink alcohol in moderation

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    Spring is coming and you want to wake up your body. Do it full of energy by following this simple advice for getting back in shape!