Be it our lifestyle, our diet, surrounding stress... our body undergoes changes in weight that are not always easy to manage. Check out our tips to learn how to cope: Here are 5 golden rules to stay slim and keep in shape.


Detox foods

Go to the fruit and veg aisle to fill up on antioxidants. Here you'll find detox foods with recognised benefits: draining, anti-bacterial, diuretics. A detox helps eliminate toxins from your body while you lose weight. The main allies in this battle? Cabbage, beetroot, artichoke, pineapple, lemon, apple, parsley, red berries... Avoid frustration, vary recipes and flavours as much as possible so that the diet stays enjoyable: gratins, salads, soups, crunchy vegetables... You will enjoy all benefits to stay in shape.


Water all the way down the line

For a good drainage of the body drink at least 2 L of water a day! It is a formidable weapon to eliminate waste and toxins from the body, detox tissues and prevent water retention. If you find it difficult to drink pure water, add a few drops of lemon juice. Otherwise, brew green tea: It helps to regulate fat and restores vitality. Our slimming tips? Drink water half an hour before you eat to help you feel full faster and then you'll eat smaller quantities! In addition to helping you stay slim, the water you drink is beneficial to regenerate cells and the radiance of your complexion.


Al dente cuisine

Reduce cooking time, this is a simple but important habit. This preserves the vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre in the vegetables. Ideally, you should eat them raw. Steaming can be a good alternative to enjoy the benefits of your food. Healthy and balanced, it is the best way to keep in shape and stay slim. And if you find that it lacks a bit of taste, add a tablespoon of rapeseed oil, source of omega-3 before serving, and voila!


Draining massage

Cellulite, most women's nightmare. Once it sets in, it won't leave of its own accord. To help you get rid of fat cells and stay slim, try this tip: do the feel and roll method at home. Apply a good anti-cellulite cream on slightly plump parts of the body, then pinch the skin of the target area and roll it under your fingers. Repeat three times in a row on each area, once a week for visible results.


Sport, absolutely

Remember to perform regular physical activity to keep your weight in check on the scale! Zumba, step, aerodance, cycling, LBT... in fitness, everything is good provided you set yourself a real training schedule to reach your goals. Stay motivated by training with one or more friends. You'll see, to stay slim and clear your head, sport is the best remedy! Feel free to ask the opinion of your doctor and a sport’s professional to make the right choice. Now it's your turn: get your waistline back!

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At every age, our lives change. The older we get, the more difficult it is to slim down. Find tips in our guide to help you say no to those extra pounds, at any age.