Give yourself the perfect figure with a mini trampoline


Small yet effective, you'll love the mini trampoline. In a fitness club or at home, discover the fun of exercising while bouncing in the air!


Fun for adults as well as kids

Invented in the 1930s for circus trapeze artists, trampolines have come a long way since then. They are appealing to more and more people and are becoming more common in gardens and health clubs. Nowadays they are also recognised as the ideal fitness apparatus for keeping fit at home. Bouncing on a trampoline improves posture and self-control. Good for balance, it increases the synchronisation and coordination of movements. The mini trampoline increases physical strength, improves blood circulation and increases muscle tone. Children only need good posture: the mini trampoline contributes to keeping adults in shape!


Bouncing to stay in shape

The mini trampoline is accessible to all

The mini trampoline can be used by everyone. You don't need to be a top athlete to bounce; everyone can set their own pace! Participants can set the pace as they wish. Pain-free for the joints, the trampoline can also help reeducate you, effectively developing your coordination and balance.

Aside from those suffering from heart conditions, knee pain or scoliosis, trampolining is suitable for everyone. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor before using one.


Mini trampolines burn calories

By doing fitness exercises on Domyos trampolines, you can keep extremely fit! There are numerous benefits, in particular for the lymphatic system to help you remove toxins from your body.

Cardio-focused, the trampoline is your best friend for slimming! Thanks to its aerobic and toning aspect, along with fitness exercises you can slim your figure, improve your endurance and work out the whole of your body. Alternating between jumping and resting strengthens your heart. Your muscles are called on during each jump, your body's oxygen levels increase and thanks to this you can say goodbye to calories.


Mini trampolining strengthens your muscles

Aside from endurance work, the mini trampoline requires the body to be in a state of proprioception (perpetually awake, our proprioceptive system and our muscles maintain the body's balance) thereby permitting you to give your "deep" muscles an effective workout. Very toning thanks to the intensity of contractions when landing, it increases the elasticity and flexibility of the back and hips, works the thighs and knees particularly hard, and increases the abs.


Suck in your stomach, tense your buttocks, gently bend your knees, and you're ready to jump and firm up your body! There's no danger for your joints: the mini trampoline looks after them! They are called on gently as the trampoline bed cushions your movements. It absorbs the impact of landing and therefore your back, ankles and knees receive less of a shock (unlike running, for example). It ensures risk-free toning. At the same time you strengthen your thighs, abs and calves, all while improving your breathing capacity.


Take some lessons

In fitness clubs, the disciplines linked to the mini trampoline are flourishing. "U bound", trampolining, "Trampo Pilates" or "Kanga Style" are waiting for all those kangaroos who want to slim down and improve their performances.


Take to the skies at home

At home, kit out your house or garden with a mini trampoline such as the Domyos MT 100 trampoline for doing small fitness exercises and continuing to train whenever you have the energy. Impossible to get fed up with, trampolining goes hand in hand with fun! As the summer approaches, set it up in your garden to keep in shape and feel free in the air. Discover the pleasure of taking off outside!

The MT 100 mini trampoline is practical and takes up little space. Store it easily under a bed or behind a door.


From reeducation to a cardio and sporting activity (as developed in U bound classes), the mini trampoline is a fun product that's easy to assemble, use and store. For an all-round workout, you no longer need an excuse to get on your trampoline: all of your muscles are needed, helping you to sculpt that dream body!

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Practical and not bulky, the mini trampoline is a perfect piece of fitness equipment for staying in shape. Domyos explains the right way to use your mini trampoline!