It's time to make some good resolutions! Here are 4 fitness exercises recommended by Julie, Domyos sports coach, to help you get back in shape and make up for those holiday indulgences… Follow this weight loss programme 3 times a week for visible results. Feel free to supplement it with cardio training or walking exercises to burn calories. Finally, don't forget to eat a healthy, balanced diet for optimum efficiency.


Exercise 1: tone up your tummy


  • Targeted muscles: abs.


  • Performing the exercise: lie on your back with your legs out straight. Lay your arms on the ground, by your sides. Lift up both legs at the same time and point your toes. Keep your back as flat as possible by tensing your stomach muscles, like a plank. Hold this position for approximately 20 seconds.


  • Breathing: breathe slowly and deeply whilst keeping your stomach muscles tensed


  • Safety tips: keep your back flat against the floor throughout the exercise to protect your lower back muscles. If you start to feel pain, try keeping your legs up higher


  • Reps: 3.


Exercise 2: good posture


  • Targeted muscles: back and abs.


  • Performing the exercise: sit down on the ground. Put your arms behind your back, lean back onto your arms and bend your knees. Sit up straight, look to the distance, breathe in deeply then breathe out whilst lifting up your right leg and stretching it out as much as you can (your right knee should be level with your left knee). Bring your right leg back down to the floor and repeat the movement with your left leg.


  • Breathing: breathe slowly and deeply.


  • Safety tips: contract your stomach muscles throughout the exercise and keep your back straight.


  • Reps: 20.


Exercise 3: slim your waist


  • Targeted muscles: obliques.


  • Performing the exercise: kneel up on your exercise mat. Put your arms out to the sides, at shoulder height. Then, while tucking in your stomach muscles and pushing your hips forward (without twisting them), turn the top of your chest to the right and move your right hand towards your left heel.


  • Breathing: breathe slowly and deeply.


  • Safety tips: so that you don't arch your back, contract your stomach muscles throughout the exercise and keep your back straight. Take it slowly without trying to actually touch your heel.


  • Reps: 10 reps on each side.


Exercise 4: firm up your glutes


  • Targeted muscles: glutes.


  • Performing the exercise: position yourself on all fours on your exercise mat, with your hands under your shoulders. Then lift up your right leg and stretch it out straight, in line with your back. Then bend your knee (heel towards your buttocks). Repeat this movement without putting your leg back on the ground.


  • Breathing: breathe slowly and deeply.


  • Safety tips: keep your body aligned each time you raise your leg. Contract your stomach muscles to protect your back, which must remain flat throughout the exercise.


  • Reps: 20 movements on each side.

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