It's a trend that is captivating more and more stars and it has excellent benefits: it's called floor barre! It is an excellent addition to other dance disciplines and it lets you become aware of your body by offering a total workout that respects the joints: increased muscular reinforcement better, posture, flexibility. Recommended for dancers who want to stand out and make progress!


Everyone dreams of having a long lean body, of carrying their head gracefully and having perfect posture worthy of the greatest dancers at the opera? Recommended to all dancers, beginners or long time fans: the floor barre is the in thing! To feel good in your body and practise dance in your best shape, follow the biggest trend of the moment that is seducing many stars. Tone up in an  ultra trendy stretching class!


Practice like ballerinas

It was inspired by ballet dance warm up moves that many professionals used in creating this method. The dancers use them on a daily basis to warm up their muscles and joints before moving on to choreography.It is a necessary warm up phase. The floor barre is an excellent compliment to other dance disciplines and lets you become aware of your body by offering a total workout that respects your joints.It's a discipline that allows you to profoundly strengthen your muscles. In floor barre, you work on all the parts of the body: back, abdomen, legs.


Raise the bar higher

Practically speaking, it takes warm ups from standing at the bar, using it as a support, and puts them on the ground. In direct contact with the ground, the dancers use stretching and work on their flexibility, facing a large mirror, using their own equilibrium.


Both gentle and dynamic, the floor barre exercises have many virtues. As a dancer, you have everything to gain: you will learn to correct certain position faults, to gradually become more flexible, improve your posture, be fit, acquire grace and sensitivity. By regularly taking floor-barre classes, you will quickly feel the results: your muscles will lengthen and taper, encouraged by alternating pointing and flexing of your feet, your buttocks and hips will become smaller, your waist narrower and your stomach flatter. The top of the body straightens, arms firm up and the neck lengthens.


Another non negligible benefit: one hour of floor barre is enough to burn 300 calories, enough to celebrate and say goodbye to some extra curves. This is not weight loss, but the centimetres will fly off! Because here we build muscle like ballet dancers, by stretching the tips of our toes, the hands and the head: all of the exercises are made within the natural axes of the body, nothing is forced. The muscles develop in length, not width: your silhouette will lengthen!


What could be more motivating than progressing in dance and having a silhouette like a little ballet dancer! Excellent for the back because it relaxes the lumbar column floor barre lets you become more flexible, to tone your body, and become slimmer thanks to miracle stretches. Give yourself a graceful posture, one that you can acquire through ballet dancing. Liberate your body and enter the world of dance with a proud look, ready from head to toe to express movement with perfection. You will be perfectly ready to excel in your discipline.


Who is it for?

Essential for dancers of every style, flexible or stiff, if you are 20 or 50 years old: everyone will find their place without having practised ballet dancing in the past and will progress at their own rhythm.The classes are for everyone, dance lovers or professionals, and are widely accessible. They are grouped by level. By going regularly one or two times per week, the results should be seen quickly, after two months of work.


Practically speaking

The class progressively follows the different muscle groups, from the feet to the head: tensions, contractions, extensions, rotations. We start with a series of gentle exercises to warm up: head circles, ports de bras, rolling, flat back, round back, we stretch the top of the body very well. Sitting on the ground, the back nice and straight, the stomach tight, the hips tilted forward so as not to arch, the shoulders open, we work on "retirés" with the music, we work the lower legs.


Laying on your back, then on the side and finally on the stomach, the abdominal wall is tight, we continue with a series of small beats, big beats, leg circles, enveloppés, développés to increase flexibility and quickness of execution. The class continues with stretching exercises of every kind where we work on écarts… and remember to breathe deeply!


The face is concentrated and tense with the effort that the different exercises require, each one learns to become aware of their body, to correct their posture and work to increase flexibility. The dancers sometimes finish a bit disconcerted, but very relaxed after! This gentle feeling of stretching one's body deeply and improving yourself to make progress will quickly convince you! In short, you won't be able to stop!


Where can I practise?

Most dance schools offer floor barre classes.

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