Working out your body type can help you strength training. Your body type will define which type of training you should follow. You'll have to adapt your diet and your weight training programme according to your group, for more efficiency and better physical development.



The silhouette: the endomorph is characterised by short stature, short limbs, a rather stocky appearance but with a certain amount of strength. This is the silhouette that gains weight and body fat easiest due to a slow metabolism. Belly and legs are most often affected. They should intensify efforts to harmonise their silhouette and stabilise it.


The action plan: in terms of diet, you have to watch calorie intake at meals, seeing as the metabolism tends to store fat. Not that this means you have to stick to a Draconian diet, on the contrary. You need to reduce quantities and balance out the plate. In training, you have to work long-term. The number of repetitions must be increased with small weights. The best advice would be to combine cardio with strength training to burn as much fat as possible.



The silhouette: The mesomorph has a big body with developed muscles and joints. The large frame goes hand in hand with a square face and shoulders, a large bust and narrow hips. This is the silhouette most suited to bodybuilding. It has a predisposition for an imposing physique. There are few issues with being overweight, and if it is the case, they can be corrected without too much trouble.


The action plan: there are no specific dietary recommendation apart from getting plenty of variety for a good nutritional balance. As for training, there's no need to overdo it, low intensity muscle work will give good results as the body will be perfectly able to meet the challenge. The best thing is to begin with comprehensive training on the whole body, and gradually increase the intensity of the exertion. However, don't overestimate yourself: rest periods must be sufficient to advance (between 12 and 72 hours of recovery).



The silhouette: Ectomorph is a body type with a graceful body and a long, delicate frame. Its characteristics? Tall, with slim joints, rather skinny and a narrow chest. This body type is not best suited to muscular development. Difficulty in gaining weight is common. As the metabolism is very fast, it hardly stores any fat, has trouble gaining weight and even more trouble gaining muscle.


The action plan: to gain weight and muscle, you will have to eat in large quantities but in a balanced way, particularly proteins. The amount of calories consumed must be greater than the sum of the daily needs and the calories burned during the session.

Stick to three intensive workouts per week and avoid overdoing it (the body recovers rather easily but this should in no case lead to over-training). The exercises use heavy loads, the movement must be done slowly, for greater effectiveness.




The body types presented above don't in any way mean that you can never achieve the physique that you want. Depending on what your silhouette looks like from the start, you need to adjust how much effort you put in to reach your objective. You also need to remember that there are other silhouettes in between which will help you to define your own more precisely. You should also get in touch with a sports coach who will take your body type into consideration to set a strength programme.



For drying out, there is nothing better than a protein shake diet. Prepared with whey as a basic ingredient, it enhances muscle growth without unbalancing your diet.