Do you want to train at home, keep physically fit or improve your performance? Choose an exercise bike to help keep you in peak condition! Here is our advice for selecting the right equipment.


Why invest in an exercise bike?

An exercise bike is easy for anyone to use, and great for the entire family! It is a solid piece of equipment that will last you a long time. You can exercise at home, all year round, free from dependence on the weather! An exercise bike allows you to:

  • Get back in shape. It's an ideal piece of equipment to help you get or stay in shape, and improve your performance.

  • Lose weight. An exercise bike helps you burn fat. Combined with a suitable diet, it can help you slim your figure.

  • Work out your heart without strain. It improves your cardiovascular endurance.

  • Physical training. It helps you to build muscle without risking injury to your joints.


Which bike to get for what

To each his own!  Which exercise bike you should purchase depends on how you plan to use it. In other words, it should meet several pre-determined objectives. Athletic use? You will want to assume a forward-leaning position in order to generate more power when pedalling. A "gentler" regime that is part of a weight-loss programme? We recommend an exercise bike that provides an upright position.


Physical rehabilitation and gently strengthening your muscles

When using an exercise bike for physical rehabilitation, priority should be given to a comfortable seating position rather than performance and power when pedalling. The most important thing is to keep your lower back comfortable, and therefore a bike with an upright position is recommended. A recumbent bike lets you work out your lumbar region and reduces back pains.


Frequent cardio training

For those looking to do longer cardio workouts (over 30 minutes each), a hybrid position is recommended, one that provides good back position as well as sufficient pedalling power. Users who perform a varied routine with frequent changes of position will find a good balance between endurance and comfort.


High-performance use for intense training

If you intend to use the bike as part of training for a sport, or for an intense cardio workout, then pedalling power is the key factor. The rider's position is designed to transfer maximum power to the pedals in accordance with the desired objective. The back is therefore clearly bent forward.


Features and their respective benefits



  • Smooth pedalling: how it impacts your use

Pedalling comfortably means a smooth pedalling motion without jerks. While the weight of the wheel is one factor contributing to a fluid movement, it is far from being the only one. The elements that directly contribute to the smoothness of the pedalling include the weight of the wheel, the distribution of the weight throughout the wheel, and the drivetrain.

Domyos drivetrains have been designed to provide an extremely smooth pedalling experience. Therefore, a wheel weighing 3.5 kg may provide a much more comfortable pedalling experience than a wheel weighing 6 kg. Riding an exercise bike allows you to select the comfort and power levels that will allow you to pedal for long periods of time.


  • Resistance: mechanical or motor-driven?

Resistance is one of the main criteria when choosing an exercise bike. It allows you to increase or decrease the level of effort required when riding, as well as provide better stability.

Most Domyos exercise bikes are equipped with a magnetically-regulated resistance that is friction-free and silent. The pedalling level of difficulty can be set using the bike's console. This system provides you with a wider range of difficulty levels, as well as a variety of exercise programmes or routines with automatic changes in resistance depending on the desired level of exertion. You can select a programme based on your objective, such as calorie burning, sports training, etc.

The other means of regulating resistance is mechanical, as used in the VM 190. It's quite simple: turning a wheel pulls on a cable that brings a magnet closer to the fly wheel, increasing resistance and making pedalling more difficult.


The console

These bikes are fitted with a console that displays helpful information regarding your session, such as your speed, distance travelled, riding time, average calories burned.

Check which measurement readings are displayed on the console, its built-in training programmes that let you analyse your performance and progress, as well as its compatibility with other devices (coach or MP3). Some models also display your heart rate and come equipped with a heart-rate belt (the most accurate way to measure your heart rate).

Make sure the data displayed on the console is clear and large enough to read (display screen size, back-light, etc.).


Comfort while exercising

Check the components of the bike that are designed to provide a comfortable ride.


  • Seat and handlebars

We recommend a bike with a seat and handlebars that can be adjusted both height-wise and depth-wise. The height of the saddle should be adjusted so that your leg is slightly bent when the pedal is at its lowest.

Domyos exercise bikes are designed for users measuring 1.55 to 1.95 metres. Some of the seats can also be adjusted depth-wise. Likewise, certain models provide the option of adjusting both the height and the angle of the handlebar. For example, the Domyos VM 510 is designed to provide user-friendly adjustments and an upright sitting position regardless of your height.


  • Toe clips or pedal straps

These provide your muscles with a better workout.A bike with a step-through (open) frame makes it easier to get on the bike (especially for those with reduced mobility).


  • Max user weight

Check the total weight compared with the user weight. All Domyos exercise bikes are designed for a maximum user weight of 130 kg.


  • Stability

Check that your exercise bike is equipped with stabilizers that ensure that the bike remains stable while in use regardless of your floor type.


  • Easy to get on and off

You should check whether the frame of the exercise bike is open enough (known as "step-through") to allow you to get on the bike without having to climb over the crossbar. This is especially relevant for those doing physical rehabilitation, and some seniors.


  • Moving the bike around

Exercise bikes with wheels are highly practical. Domyos exercise bikes all come with wheels, allowing you to easily move your bike around your house and store it wherever you like. 



So you just got an exercise bike, and you are wondering about the right way to use it? Discover the benefits of this machine and follow our recommendations to begin your training.