All of the greatest champions have experienced this feeling at one point or another: the fear of getting hit. Technique, targeted training and self-confidence are key elements to help you progress and avoid getting hit as much as possible. As proof here are some tips from Gianni, a high-level boxer who has also experienced this feeling. He lets you in on all the secrets of the ring and your opponent. Ready to face them?



As with any combat sport, in boxing, getting hit is one of the risks. But sometimes, even if you are conscious of it, the fear of being hit too hard is a hindrance. So what can you do to box with no fear?


Protective gear: to make you feel confident

Whether you are doing boxing or Savate boxing, protective gear is ideal for getting started or even to reassure you.


A mouthguard is a boxing essential. It helps limit the impact of blows and prevents your teeth from getting broken. It is not easy to find a model the right size, so we recommend choosing a mouthguard that will adapt to the shape of your teeth.



Shinguards are also recommended for this high-impact sport, particularly if you are doing Savate boxing. They are made from thick foam to protect both you and your opponent. In terms of size, there are two things to think about: the circumference (from S to XL) as well as the length of your shin.


Boxing gloves are also a must. Unlike with bare-knuckle boxing, they protect your opponent from violent blows as well as stopping your hands from getting injured.


And let's not forget about protecting your most sensitive assets.

For men, you can get cups that are specifically designed for combat sports. For women, a chest guard is highly recommended.


The pro's tips for avoiding the fear

Another tip to help you master your fear is a bit more difficult: self-confidence.

Self-confidence is actually all about experience and technique. Knowing how to adapt your guard is vital during a fight.


In order to work effectively, it needs to meet several requirements:


- be able to be held for a long time

- let you hit without warning, that is, without a wind up

- stop your opponent from touching any sensitive areas

- leave your field of vision free


Gianni Randazzo, who has been boxing for over 10 years and is a Domyos Club coach, shares his experience.

DOMYOS: Gianni, have you ever been scared of getting hit hard in a fight?

GIANNI RANDAZZO: "Of course. That's why I train. Getting into the ring is a crucial moment, so I need to know what to do: how should I react to an attack, my opponent's movement, or even a hit that hurts?

I've learnt to control my attitude and gaze even if I get hit. I let nothing show. This way of managing the attack or fight lets you stand up to your opponent, but of course also requires technique and fair play - two essentials in this sport.

It's common after a fight for boxers to greet and thank each other even though they were "at war" a few minutes beforehand. It remains first and foremost a sport."


DOMYOS: How did you learn to conquer your fear?

"Training is the key that will allow you to enjoy boxing. It's a virtuous circle when it comes to confidence.

If I train, I learn to control the power of my hits, so I gain in experience.

When I have the technique, I am able to correctly place my blows, and I hit without being hit.

When I learn to control the attack or fight, my confidence grows and I want to improve, to go further.

What is interesting and enriching is that at the same time as these small victories in training, every day, you develop your confidence and state of mind. You become aware of your ability to control your hits and protect yourself from attacks."





DOMYOS: What advice would you give beginners?

"To get off to a good start, you need to work hard in training, be aware and patient. Technique does not necessarily come straight away. There's nothing like studying your foot/fist technique in order to master it completely. If you want to develop reflexes and react effectively to your opponent, it's best to train "slowly but surely" as the saying goes.


And lastly, you can't put a price on trusting your partners during training. Experienced boxers will do you a world of good. They will share their experience with you."  


An increasing number of women are taking up boxing as it helps them let off steam and slim their figure. It's a great stress reliever that can help you face daily life more serenely!