How do you boost your cardio and feel in great shape while on holiday? Find out how, with these helpful tips from Eva, your Domyos coach. To your stations!


Better endurance: doing it right

Looking for solutions to increase your cardiovascular capabilities? Here's how to build your endurance and improve your performance:



For starters, we recommend doing some basic endurance sessions. How? Do some workout sessions which are at least 40 minutes long at a moderate pace in order to strengthen your body's vascular system. This type of exercise helps your body create new blood capillaries, which it then uses to more easily deliver needed oxygen to the muscles.


Interval training

Once you've developed your vascular system, you have to focus on the cardio aspect itself. Interval training consists of alternating short periods of exercise (lasting 15 seconds to 1 minute) that are fast and intense, with periods at a slow pace. The sudden change in intensity puts stress on the cardio muscles, training them to adjust to each variation. This strengthens them, enabling them to pump more blood with each heartbeat. This is why endurance athletes have a lower heart rate.


Optimise your energy reserves

During a long exercise session, energy is supplied by your body's fats as well as its sugars. It is therefore important to have good stores of glycogen (the way sugars are stored in muscles) in order to go the distance. If those reserves are empty, your body won't be able to burn fats, and will start to generate energy from burning the muscle itself, which is not what you want when striving for performance!


To increase this "energy store", it's vital that you train regularly and follow a healthy diet. Complex sugars (starches, whole-grain cereals, whole grain bread) must be consumed in sufficient quantities to replenish these reserves. Carbohydrates should make up 55% of a sport/fitness practitioner's diet. While exercising, don't forget to stay hydrated with slightly sweetened energy drinks in order to not deplete your reserves too quickly!


How do you increase your respiratory volume?

In order to provide a little more oxygen with each respiratory cycle (inhale/exhale), you should work on increasing your respiratory volume. How? Once a day, spend 10 minutes doing the following exercise:

Inhale deeply through the nose, then exhale as slowly as possible in order to empty your lungs completely. In order to track your progress, count the number of seconds that you can exhale for. Performing this exercise over time will increase your respiratory volume.


What training programme should you do to improve your endurance?

To improve your endurance, here is a training programme that combines running, cycling, and skipping. To get results, we recommend that you do it at least twice a week.


After warming up with a moderate jog and moving your limbs for 8 to 10 minutes, do the following set three times, with 90 seconds of recovery between each set.

  • Running: do 6 "full speed" sprints for 15 seconds each, interspersed with 15 seconds of jogging at a slow pace.

  • Core muscles: hold a prone position for 30 seconds while taking care to keep your body as straight as possible.

  • Bike: pedal for 4 minutes at a moderate pace. After increasing the bike's resistance level, adopt a standing stance, and pedal for one minute while keeping your back straight. Decrease the level of resistance and sit back down on the saddle. This time, pedal as fast as you possible can for 90 seconds.

  • Repeat the core muscles exercise for 30 seconds.

  • Skipping rope: 8 minutes. If you can't manage to skip for 8 minutes non-stop at the beginning, do it for 1 minute at a time interspersed with 10 seconds of rest.


Now you know some basic tips to strengthen your endurance and make quick progress. The rest is up to you!

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