Do you want to tone up your body? Then you need to do some muscle toning exercises, the secret to a svelte and muscular silhouette - all the more reason to get started! Domyos has created a fitness accessory specifically designed to help you sculpt your body gently and without too much effort: introducing the Body Power!


3 good reasons to choose the Body Power

In order to convince you to choose the Body Power, simply take a look at these three good reasons to invest in it.


REASON N°1: a low price for big results

There's no need to splash out on costly equipment if you want to achieve your goals. You would be wrong to deprive yourself of something else in order to sculpt your perfect body.


REASON N°2: it is easy to use

It's simple to tone your body without any hassle. The Body Power is an easy-to-use fitness accessory. It is light and compact, and can be taken anywhere with you so that you can work out at any time. Slip it into your suitcase on a weekend away or holiday!


REASON N°3: its six exercises offer an all-round workout

With the Body Power, you can do 6 different effective fitness exercises for working your upper and lower body. By exercising your arms and legs using the Body Power, you can:

  • Tone your arms
  • Firm up your chest
  • Strengthen your legs
  • Strengthen your abs


How to use the body power

There's nothing as simple as using this small, effective fitness accessory. In order to train at home or even on holiday, follow our guide! Our programme of Body Power exercises is ready and waiting for you. We recommend doing this session (30 to 45 minutes) at least twice per week for the best results.




As you have seen, the Body Power is an essential little accessory for sculpting your figure at home or on holiday. Take it everywhere with you to keep in shape and build your ideal body! Don't forget to complement your muscle training exercises with regular cardiovascular training (walking or running on a treadmill, or using an exercise bike or cross trainer). Finally, the key to success is maintaining a balanced and healthy diet!


Discover the BODY POWER, the essential tool for your muscle-toning exercises. Domyos provides support for your muscle-toning exercises.