Are you tired of always holding your tummy in to make it look flat? It all falls apart when you want to go to the beach... How about doing something about it and toning it up! Here is an express tummy toning programme that you can start now to look great in a swimsuit.


Do these summer special tummy toning exercises in a circuit, 5 times over. For visible results, train 3 times a week until the end of summer. Pause for 30 seconds between each exercise and rest for 2 minutes between each series. We recommend you use an exercise mat for these exercises. One last thing: eat a balanced diet and keep active every day with walks to burn more calories!


Exercise No. 1: Planche


  • Targeted muscles: transverse abdominals


  • Performing exercise: resting on the forearms, lift up your hips as shown in the photograph, arching the lower back by strongly contracting your abs and glutes. Keep your legs straight: however, if this is too difficult for you, place your knees on the mat.


  • Breathing: breathe normally during the exercise.


  • Safety advice: Make sure you tilt your pelvis and contract your buttocks and abdominals during the exercise.


  • Repeat: Hold for 30 seconds, lower for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times x.


Exercise No. 2: The Side Plank


  • Targeted muscles: transverse abdominals while specifically working the internal and external obliques.


  • Performing exercise: lying on your side, rest on your elbow or with your hand on the ground in a fist. Raise your pelvis and hold this position. Tighten your stomach muscles and relax your shoulders. The upper part of your body should form a right angle with the elbow that is resting on the mat.


  • Breathing: breathe normally during the exercise.


  • Safety advice: As for the previous exercise, contract your buttocks and abdominals during the exercise.


  • Repeat: Hold for 30 seconds, lower for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times x .


Exercise No. 3: leaning


  • Targeted muscles: obliques


  • Performing exercise: stand up, with legs a hips-width apart, knees bent. Hold your arms up in the air and join your hands. Slowly tip your upper body to the side as far as you can. Return to the original position, then tip the other way.


  • Breathing: breathe out when leaning to one side, breathe in when returning to standing position.


  • Safety advice: keep your back straight, without arching it (hold your tummy in!) Your chest must not go forwards or backwards when leaning. Lock your hips (always face forwards, don't rotate). Keep your buttocks tight during the exercise.


  • Repeat: 3 series of 30 repetitions with 30-45 seconds recovery between each series. You can add dumbbells.


Exercise No. 4: leg lifts


  • Targeted muscles: obliques


  • Performing exercise: Lying on your back, legs stretched perpendicular to the ground. Arms along the body. Contract your abs then slowly lower your legs, as much as you can without touching the ground, controlling the movement. Return to your initial position and start again.


  • Breathing: Breathe in by your nose when your legs are perpendicular to the ground. Breathe out through your mouth when you lower your legs to the ground.


  • Safety advice: avoid arching your back during the exercise, keep your back flat against the ground.


  • Repeat: 25 repetitions. 


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