To kick off this 2nd week of training, our coaches have come up with a 30-minute session that focuses on cardio / lower body strengthening. You will need a skipping rope to do these fitness exercises. If you don't have the right equipment, just do the movements without it. For each exercise there's a gentler option and a more intense one. It's up to you to choose how hard you want to make it! Remember to drink plenty during the session and use a stopwatch so that you can time your workout.


Workout 4: programme

Here's the plan for this session:

  • Warm-up: 5 minutes

  • Main training session: 20 minutes approx. You're going to do 5 stations (exercises) lasting 45 seconds each, with 15 seconds of recovery between each one. Repeat the same circuit 3 times in total.

  • Between each circuit (or block of work), do a 1 minute static plank as active recovery: rest your weight on your forearms and toes, and raise your hips until your legs, hips and core are aligned. Squeeze your glutes and contract your abs to straighten your back and then hold the position.

  • Cool down: 5 minutes.


Happy training everyone!



Here's a 5-minute warm-up that's perfect for getting your body ready for today's session. In this video there are two different difficulty options: follow Alice for the gentler version and Rémi to up the intensity. Enjoy your warm-up!


Main Training Session

Exercise 1 / cardio: jogging

  • Objective: developing your cardio + generally strengthening your thighs and psoas.

  • Performing the exercise: position your feet in front of the rope, with your arms hanging next to your body. Circle your wrists forwards, keeping your elbows tucked in to your sides, to bring the rope in front of you, then jump over it while lifting one knee at a time. Lift your knees as high as possible.

  • Breathing: control your breathing and synchronise it with the pace of your legs.

  • Safety tips: Tense your abs throughout the exercise.

  • Options: easy = do small jumps; intense = lift your knees higher.


Exercise 2 / cardio: out with ski jumps, back with fast footwork

  • Objectives: strengthening your lower body muscles and developing your cardio.

  • Performing the exercise: OUT: Start with your feet together one side of the rope. Swing your arms and jump over the rope. Repeat the exercise.  BACK: Face the rope, with your feet behind it. Step one foot then the other over the rope at your own pace. Step back behind the rope.

  • Breathing: inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth at a comfortable rate, without gasping for breath.

  • Safety tips: suck in your belly, check that your knees aren't extending beyond your toes, and open your chest toward the ceiling.

  • Options: easy = do the exercise at a gentle pace; intense = increase the pace.


Exercise 3 / core training: planks with steps + side shuffles

  • Targeted muscles: strengthening your core muscles (abdominals: rectus abdominis, transverse, obliques) and back muscles (lower back muscles).

  • Performing the exercise:

  • OUT. Start resting on your hands and toes, with your hands under your shoulders. Shift one hand and foot to the side then bring across your other hand and foot so that you move across the floor sideways.

  • BACK. Stand up into a quarter squat and shuffle sideways back to where you started.

  • Breathing: breathe slowly and deeply as you hold the plank position, without letting your hips sag.

  • Safety tips: in the plank position, keep your shoulders, hips and ankles in a line. Squeeze your bum as you suck in your belly.

  • Options: easy = do the exercise with your knees on the floor; intense = do the exercise in a full plank, pressing through your toes.


Exercise 4 / lower body strengthening: lunge with leg raise

  • Objectives: strengthening your lower body muscles.

  • Performing the exercise: Drop into a backwards lunge then push against the floor with the toes of your back leg to tilt your chest forward and lift your back leg. Your hips and shoulders should be facing the floor. Alternate between the left and right leg.

  • Breathing: breathe in on the way down and breathe out as you stand back up.

  • Safety tips: keep your back as straight as possible while sucking in your belly.

  • Options: easy = do the exercise without the lunge; intense = to get more out of this exercise, do it with the lunge.


Exercise 5 / cardio: jumping jacks

  • Objectives: developing your cardio and strengthening your lower body muscles.

  • Performing the exercise: start with your hands on your hips, your stomach tight, and your chest upright. Jump your feet out wider than your shoulders. Keep your knees slightly bent to cushion the impact and your toes turned slightly outwards. At the same time, draw a circle with your arms by lifting them outwards and up above your head. Jump your feet in together and drop your hands back down again in a circular shape.

  • Breathing: control your breathing and synchronise it with the pace of your legs.

  • Safety tips: suck in your belly and keep your knees slightly bent.

  • Options: easy = do the exercise at a gentle pace; intense = increase the pace.