Have you been getting involved with our Domyos challenge? Let's get down to business with the next workout!


For this 2nd workout, our coaches have come up with a 30-minute muscle strengthening programme that focuses on your upper body and abs. To do this workout, you will need a 4 kg kettlebell (or 8 kg if you want to make things harder). If you don't have the right equipment, just do the movements with a bottle of water. For each exercise there's a gentler option and a more intense one. It's up to you to choose how hard you want to make it! Remember to drink plenty during the session and use a stopwatch so that you can time your workout.


Workout 2: programme

Here's the plan for this session:

  • Warm-up: 5 minutes

  • Main training session: 20 minutes approx. You're going to do 5 stations (exercises) lasting 45 seconds each, with 15 seconds of recovery between each one. Repeat the same circuit 3 times in total. Between each circuit (= block of work), do 1 minute of jogging or high knee running: stand upright with your feet together and lift one knee at a time as high as possible. Stay relaxed, with a gentle bend in the leg you're standing on, and pump your arms. Synchronise your breathing with the pace of your legs. Remember to tense your abs.

  • Cool down: 5 minutes


All that remains is to get yourself in the zone and pump up the volume. Over to you!



Here's a 5-minute warm-up that's perfect for getting your body ready for today's session. In this video there are two different difficulty options: follow Alice for the gentler version and Rémi to up the intensity. Enjoy your warm-up!



Exercise 1 / lower body strengthening: kettlebell swing

  • Objectives: building up your thighs, glutes and back.

  • Performing the exercise: stand with your feet hip-width apart. Thrusting your hips forward, swing the kettlebell to eye level then lower it back down between your knees.

  • Breathing: exhale as you raise the kettlebell.

  • Safety tips: keep your back flat and your bum pushed out behind you.

  • Options: easy = do smaller movements; intense = do bigger movements.


Exercise 2 / upper body strengthening: deadlift + kettlebell row

  • Objectives: building up your hamstrings, glutes and back.

  • Performing the exercise: drop the kettlebell to just below your knees, keeping your arms straight. Bend your elbows and lift the kettlebell to your belly, then straighten your arms and push down through your heels to stand up straight again.

  • Breathing: exhale as you stand back up.

  • Safety tips: keep your back flat, and stick your bum out behind you. Bend your knees slightly.

  • Options: easy = keep repeating the exercise; intense = pause at the top of the row.


Exercise 3 / lower body strengthening: backward lunge with kettlebell

  • Objectives: strengthening your leg muscles and glutes.

  • Execution: stand hip width apart and take a big step backward. Bend your back knee so that it is close to the ground and your front knee is at 90°. Pass the kettlebell under your knee. Return to the initial position by pushing through your front heel, then change sides.

  • Breathing: inhale as you drop down, exhale as you stand back up.

  • Safety tips: suck in your belly, check that your knees aren't extending beyond your toes, and open your chest toward the ceiling.

  • Options: easy = slowly alternate between lunges on each side; intense = increase the pace.


Exercise 4 / upper body + abs strengthening: triceps abs

  • Objectives: strengthening your stomach muscles and the backs of your arms.

  • Performing the exercise: lie on your back, bring your knees up above your hips, and hold your arms straight up in the air. bend your arms to touch the back of your head as you drop one of your legs to the floor. Return to the initial position and repeat on the other side.

  • Breathing: exhale as you lower your leg.

  • Safety tips: suck in your belly throughout the exercise.

  • Options: easy = do each movement slowly; intense = increase the pace.


Exercise 5 / upper body strengthening: abs twist

  • Objectives: building up your internal and external obliques.

  • Performing the exercise: sit on your bum, with your feet lifted off the floor, and stay balanced. Suck in your belly and keep your hips still as you twist your chest from right to left.

  • Breathing: exhale as you turn your chest.

  • Safety tips: remember to tense your abs throughout this exercise and keep your back slightly curved.

  • Options: easy = do the movement slowly; intense = increase the pace.



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