Did you know that you don't have to constantly pump iron in order to build up muscle? Discover how to complement your bodybuilding training with a simple and effective technique that uses much lighter weights.


Resistance bands: what are the benefits?

You might have heard of resistance bands but maybe haven't yet got round to trying them out. However, they can be a very effective way of complementing traditional bodybuilding training. Originally used for rehabilitation, this technique has now become extremely widespread and is even seen as an essential for building up muscle. By using these bands to do resistance work you will increase your muscle strength and explosiveness, which are both vital for improving physical performance. You can use resistance bands during your warmup or in addition to a bodybuilding programme in order to do reps with lighter weights. You could for example focus on your upper body muscles (triceps, pectorals, shoulders, back) or your glutes with heavy weights one day, and then use elastic bands to do 3 or 4 lighter sets the next day.


Which resistance bands are best?

There are different types of fitness bands designed for different uses that achieve similar results. They range from the simplest like the flat and colourful Elastiband to models like the Resistance Tube which feature handles. These easy-to-use aids help to boost your resistance when you pull against them (they also offer different levels of resistance). For some models, such as Expanders, you can adjust the number of elastic bands in order to up the intensity.


What exercises can you do with a resistance band?

If you want to quickly increase your physical performance by training with resistance bands, take a look at our free video exercises that use the Elastiband, Resistance Tube and Expander.




As you can see, using these multipurpose fitness bands can help you to improve your power, strength and explosiveness. The technique is widely recognised as an excellent addition to bodybuilding training. Have you given it a go?


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