How to quickly build your ab muscles? By following this training programme with 6 exercises for one month. The ball's in your court!


Which routine should you do to get nice abs?

For a nice flat stomach and great washboard abs, do the ab exercises listed below. Follow this sample routine for a month, and don't forget to stick to the indicated recovery times.


Typical training week:

  • Monday: session 1 dedicated to the rectus abdominis with bust lifts, pelvis lifts, and front planks.

  • Tuesday: recovery

  • Wednesday: session 2, dedicated to the obliques, with rotating crunches, side leg lifts, side planks.

  • Thursday: recovery

  • Friday: session 3 dedicated to the lumbar muscles, with hyperextensions, side leg lifts.

  • Saturday: recovery

  • Sunday: repeat session 1.


The right exercises for building your ab muscles

It's important to always control your breathing as you do ab muscle exercises. This means exhaling through your mouth by pulling in the belly while exerting yourself, and inhaling, again with the belly, as you return to your starting position. Ladies, also try to keep your perineum contracted throughout each exercise.


Instructions: for each exercise, hold the contraction for approx. 30 seconds (the goal is to reach 1.5 minutes of contraction time). Do 3 to 5 repetitions per exercise. If it gets too easy, move to the next level by lengthening the contraction time.


Exercises for the rectus abdominis muscle

1: Crunches: lie on your back, hands supporting the head to relieve the neck. Contract the upper abs (above the belly button) to pull your shoulders and then the shoulder blades off the floor. Return to your initial position by resting the shoulder blades and then the shoulders on the mat.


2: Pelvis lift: lie on your back, arms alongside the body. Contract the lower part of your rectus abdominis (under the belly button) to pull your pelvis up and lift your glutes off the mat. Return to your starting position.


3: Front plank: facing the floor, propped up on your forearms and toes. Hold the position with the back straight and pelvis retroverted. Your breathing should be slow and controlled, with your stomach tucked in to work out the transverse muscles.


Exercise for the obliques

1: Rotating crunches: lie on your back, hands supporting the head to relieve the neck, lift one shoulder blade off the ground and then return to the initial position.


2: Side leg lift with ball: lie on your side, head propped up by one forearm, and the Fit Ball placed between your extended legs. Contract the oblique muscles (waist) to pull your two legs off the mat. Lift the ball as high as you can and then lower it back to the floor without letting go. Do it on both sides. Variant without equipment: do the same exercise by lifting your two legs, extended and feet together, off the ground.


3: Side plank: propped up on one forearm and your toes, side of the body facing the floor. Hold this position. Do it on both sides.


Lumbar exercises.

1: Hyperextension: using a hyperextension bench placed horizontally or at an incline, contract the lower back muscles to raise your upper body to be in line with your thighs.

2: Bridge: lie on your back, arms alongside the body, legs bent and feet parallel at hip width, body straight. Hold the position. Increase the level of difficulty by raising one leg.




In addition to going through this abs-focused fitness programme, don't forget to also eat a balanced diet and do some cardio activity (treadmill, exercise bike, cross trainer, etc.) at least once a week for 30 to 45 minutes. Endurance exercises help to eliminate fat in your body, especially around the tummy!

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