A ballet dancer must often renew their pointe shoes. In fact, the glue softens and the pointe shoe becomes less rigid. This can lead to injuries if the foot is not well supported. Every dancer has her tips for taking care of her pointe shoes. To help you keep your pointe shoes longer, without damaging them too much, follow the advice from Domyos: reinforce your pointe shoes, dry them, put them in the refrigerator, use pockets, gently clean them.


Tip # 1: Reinforce your pointe shoes

To avoid wearing out the pointe shoes, reinforce the ends, meaning the pointe shoe platform. Apply a layer of clear nail polish to the end of the pointe shoe to reinforce it. Don't forget rosin so you don't slip!


Tip # 2: Dry your pointe shoes

While dancing, your feet sweat in the pointe shoes. The moisture will progressively damage the pointe shoes. To avoid this, remember to dry your pointe shoes between each class. Choose a dry place, but not on a radiator! Alternate between two pairs if you can.


Tip # 3: Put your pointe shoes in the fridge

If your pointe shoes become too soft, put them in the refrigerator...they will come out more durable! The cold has a beneficial effect on pointe shoes, you can also use them longer. However, heat is very bad for pointe shoes: it softens the sole and the box.


Tip # 4: Get pockets

Easy to slip on, pockets let you work on your dance steps without damaging your pointe shoes. Practical equipment so that you can go on stage with clean pointe shoes.


Tip # 5: Clean your pointe shoes

To clean your pointe shoes and eliminate visible stains, use a wet cloth and rub gently. Remember to regularly waterproof your pointe shoes to avoid getting them dirty.


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