Do you have trouble accepting your body? Perhaps, by focusing all of your attention on your little imperfections, you accentuate them! Here are 5 health and fitness tips to help you turn things around and feel better in your own skin. Use them every day to reconnect with yourself.


Tip n°1: stretch each day

We tend to forget to stretch in the morning, despite this being great for toning our muscles, improving our posture and solving back issues. Here are 2 exercises to try when you wake up (and at any time of day), for 20 seconds to 3 minutes (each). It may seem difficult because at that time in the morning your body hasn't moved yet, so it's a bit stiff… but it really does a world of good! There's nothing like it for feeling good about your body, feeling energised and boosting your mobility.


Exercise n°1: relaxing your back

Lie down on your bed or stand up. Stretch out your arms above your head, with your legs straight and feet flexed. Stretch out your spine by imagining inserting air between your vertebrae.


Exercise n°2: toning the back of your legs with a yoga band

  • Targeted muscles: glutes, hamstrings, adductors and calves.
  • Performing the exercise: sit down on your yoga mat and start with both legs flat on the floor. Pass the band under the sole of your right foot, with your toes pointing towards you. Breathe in, breathe out, then pull on the band to raise your right leg. 
  • Breathing: smooth, continuous and natural, through the stomach.
  • Safety tips: keep your back nice and straight throughout the exercise.
  • Repetitions: hold the position for several breathing cycles of 30 seconds to 1 minute, then change sides.


Exercise n°3: toning the front of your thighs

Standing up, grab your foot and bring your heel towards your bum, with your knees in line. Rotate your hips forwards, tense your buttocks and feel the stretch from your knee to your hip. If you want to go further, use an elastic band or strap. Repeat on the other side.


Tip n°2: keeping a flat belly

If you're obsessed with the idea of a flat stomach, try this slimming exercise at any time of day to help you feel better about your body. Standing up or sitting down, breathe in then breathe out. Tense your abs by pulling your belly button in towards your spine, up to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Then relax. Repeat the same exercise, but this time tense your abs to 5. Then relax. Finally, repeat the same exercise, tensing your abs to 3. Hold as long as possible, without it stopping you breathing. Of course, at the start you won't be able to tense your abs like this all day long. But like with any training, you will get there by thinking about it once a day, then twice, then three times… then you will remember to hold your abs continuously at level 3 to keep a flat stomach!


To take things further, try Pilates. It is renowned for building stomach and back muscle and improving flexibility.


Tip n°3: slimming your waist

All women dream of having a nice, slim waist, but this zone is particularly difficult to target. To give you a helping hand, we suggest using a fun accessory: the gym ball. This large fitness ball is very good at strengthening your core muscles. It develops the abdomen, tones your figure, and relieves back pain. There are of course numerous exercises that you can use it for, but here is just one that will help you to slim your waist. You can do this at any time of day.


Exercise: strengthening and stretching your waist.

  • Targeted muscles: abdominals, obliques
  • Performing the exercise: Take up the starting position on your mat with your feet apart. Pick up the gym ball using both hands, with your arms stretched out in front of you. Lift the gym ball above your head with your arms straight and your shoulders lowered (to avoid neck tension) while rotating your hips forwards. Tilt your chest one way and then the other, without compressing your lower back too much. Carry out the same movement 15 to 30 times, and then come back to the starting position. Inhale as you tilt and stretch, and exhale as you come back to the centre while tensing your abdominals. Please note: it's your chest that you move, not just the ball!


Tip n°4: drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach

Whether you are a mother, student, young active woman or a retiree, what you do when you first wake up is essential! Get the day off to a good start by juicing half a lemon into a glass of lukewarm water. This is brilliant for flushing toxins out of your body. Lemon juice has numerous properties. It stimulates the immune system, balances your PH, acts as a soft and natural diuretic, purifies your liver, helps digestion and weight loss, and hydrates the lymphatic system.


Tip n°5: enhancing your curves in the blink of an eye

Feeling better in your skin can also mean making no changes at all! Even though these tips are essential to helping you to gradually tone your figure, you can always count on this express slimming tip. So what is it? Try out our comfy range of shaping tights for an immediate sculpting effect. Made from elastane- and polyamide-based fabric, the wide waistband on the Shape + tights flattens, smooths and reduces the prominence of your stomach to provide comfortable support. Your figure is slimmed and shown in all its glory: you will feel more beautiful, firmer and more toned!




You've now got several health and fitness tips to help you fall in love with your figure again. Sport is of course the key to success if you want to feel better in your skin. In fact, during physical exercise your brain releases endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones, reactivating the joy of moving around in giving you a zest for life… Worth giving it a go to reconnect with yourself, don't you reckon?

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Spring is coming and you want to wake up your body. Do it full of energy by following this simple advice for getting back in shape!