5 tips to do sport and keep your heart healthy

Strengthening your heart is essential. Everyone needs to know how to train right to stay healthy. How? By practising a sport regularly! But there are specific things to remember when it comes to your heart. Read on to discover our tips for doing sport safely, without risking damaging your heart.


Warm up

Take 10 minutes before every workout to warm up. Warming up will let you increase your heart rate gradually and get ready for more intense effort. Stretches are indispensable for preparing your heart and muscles.


Check your heart rate

There's a simple calculation to know your heart rate threshold: Subtract your age from 220 (for example: 220 – 34 years = 186). You should not exceed this threshold when doing sport. This means a 34-year-old should stay under 186 heart beats per minute.


Proper hydration

During effort, remember to stay hydrated. Take a few sips of water about every half hour. Good hydration increases blood flow to the brain, brings necessary nutrients to your muscles and promotes recovery.


Take time for recovery

After every endurance workout, take the time to slow your heart rate down gradually. You shouldn't just stop after a workout - slow your pace gradually to recover. When you get home, resist the urge to head straight for the shower. Let your body cool down for about 15 minutes.


Dress for the weather

Weather can have a definite impact on your sports programme. Choose your physical activity based on the temperatures outside. Your body and heart will have to work harder during extreme temperatures. Take it easy in hot or cold weather to not stress your heart.


What you need to know

If you feel any chest pain or heart palpitations before, during or after physical effort, STOP IMMEDIATELY and see a doctor.


The heart is a muscle and, like all others, it needs to be developed. How? Through physical activity! It's important to know how to train it in order to keep it healthy..