Doing sport means training correctly. Domyos gives you 5 tips to help you reach your sports goals.


Warming up before you start

Warming up before you start is key. It helps warm up your muscles and prepare them for effort. Doing a few warm-up exercises before you start is important because you'll not only have a better workout, you'll also lower your chance of injury.


Stretch well afterwards

After a hard workout, do you think to yourself, 'Wow, I'm going to be sore tomorrow'? You don't have to be - you can prevent sore muscles by doing a few stretches after every workout. This keeps your muscles from getting cold too fast and can help you avoid injury, sprains and strains.


Know your limits

Are you getting back to your sport and are more than ready to push yourself? Be careful - doing too much can quickly lead to your downfall! You should always listen to your body. Here you go, remember this:


  • There's no need to break records. Don't start back up at too intense a pace.
  • Follow a reasonable training frequency and alternate your workouts. Work out every two days to start, then go to every other day.
  • Stay within your limits, don't force and don't go too fast.
  • Slow down and take a break if you feel any pain.


Proper hydration

Your body needs water more than anything else. Muscles are about 80% water. Good hydration increases blood flow to the brain, brings necessary nutrients to your muscles and promotes recovery. Because you lose a lot of water during physical effort, you should hydrate sufficiently to avoid injury, tendinitis, cramps, fatigue, overheating and digestion problems.

You'll improve your performances - and results.


A healthy lifestyle

To feel great while doing sport, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A varied diet, loaded with fruit and vegetables, will help you stay strong and healthy. Complex carbohydrates like rice and pasta provide the energy you need before a workout. Make food choices based on your activity and intensity.

The quality of your sleep is essential to do sport. Give yourself enough time to rest to stay in top form!

You body recovers during sleep: if you're well rested, your performances will improve.


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